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Animancer's Energy Blade has low damage



I'm not sure where else this should go, so I'm putting it here in Technical Support for the time being.


There was a topic a few days ago, discussing how the Animancer's Energy Blade has unusually low damage for a Saber, which makes it almost useless. I'm not entirely sure whether this is a bug, an oversight during balancing, or is actually working as intended.


Could we get a clarification if this was the latter? If not, and if it's a bug or oversight, I guess here's one more thing for the 'bug fix' list.

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I agree with what Boeroer said in the linked thread—this is probably a leftover from the first game, where raw damage was actually quite good.


In Deadfire, raw damage is pretty meh as you can't overpenetrate with it (and underpenetration, which raw damage also prevents, isn't all that common; certainly not enough to make that blade desirable.)


Considering how the blade also doesn't have a spectacular enchantment path, giving it proper damage would go a long way toward making it at least viable (it's a pity such a good-looking blade isn't.)

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