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Driver crash(Black screen with audio)



I've reached the first town in the game without an issue, upon reloading my save game to continue playing I have a black screen wherein the driver will crash and successfully recover but nothing will clear the black screen and I have to end the games process. This will occur every time I load my various saves. I've made several attempts to fix this based on things I've read from similar reports online but no issue.


Nvidia Geforce GTX 880m driver version 397.93


This issue is unique to PoE 2 at the moment.


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And thank you for taking the time notifying us with this  :) I believe this was addressed in the recent patch 1.1. How ever, if this is  still occurring please forward us your crash and output logs:






I thought I'd update that after the latest patch, it still happens. It is always in menus. Hovering over certain items like The Last Word, or attempting to level up in certain locations.

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