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Is there a list of bugged quests anywhere?

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I'd like to know. I'd rather not waste time retracing steps, rolling back to saved games and pixel hunting thinking I missed something or am doing something wrong if the quest is just simply bugged.


Now in my 5th play thru attempt and I keep seeing the same quests that seem buggy and broken.


A Bigger Fish (at first I couldn't complete the quest with Martino, so I came back later on and now he is completely missing)

Shadow Under Neketaka - got towards the last step and it won't advance


Those are the two I've run into in this new play-thru. Starting to keep track now.

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My personal list:


Harsh Medicine
Family Pride
Food for Thought
Clearing Out Crookspur
Terms of Trade

Cornett's Call
Glimpse Beyond


Also, Onezaka and Castol dialogues are really easy to break.  Particularly, the way you deal with the Wahaki and when you're picking allies right before the final quest.

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