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I love the early actives in rogue, and imagine skyward kick and lightning strikes being fun with them, I do pcture this as a staff user simply to make him look like a kung fu monk, no real synergetic (is that a real word?) reason just for kicks. What would you change and why?


Key things I'm looking for, style, mobility, still good dmg, and not squishy AF (probably is though)


I think the changes I probably have to make or stat/weapon choices need to somehow shore up how squishy he is without losing the feel of the martial mobile ninja.


Shattered Pillar/no subclass rogue  (street fighter could work I suppose)


1 escape and swift strikes
2 lesser wounds
3 fast runner
4 blind strike and dual weild (2 hander if you wanna do staff, I dont like the animations)
5 long stride
6 graceful retreat
7 lightning strikes and confounding blind (I love this ability to destroy someones deflection)
8 torments reach (need dem kicks)
9 finishing blow (our real dmg)
10 duality of.. and shadow step or shadowing beyond (I kinda wanna try shadowstep for the paralysis and just to see if its cool)
11 thunderous blows 
12 blade turning
13 devastating blow and raised torment 
14 tumbling (works for the mobility idea of the build but maybe since I have escape this and graceful retreat could be switched with something that makes me more survivable??)
15 enervating blows (or rooting pain)
16 turning wheel and improved critical
17 deep wounds
18 slippery mind
19 skyward kick and long pain
20 instrument of pain
Still thinking about the blanks, ability pts etc.
I should really go look at all the unique weapons and see if Bow Staff is a good idea.
Edit: how late in the game do you get the Chromeoprismatic Staff? Scaling dmg with metaphysics works for the monk theme. 
Ok, after messing with this, It can totally work, I am going to put it to bed though for a silly reason, I dislike the quarterstaff attack animations, it just a big overhead smash. Doesn't really fit the theme. :(
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Haha, the quarterstaff animation is the exact reason I decided to stop playing that char too. I member nwn style double bladed sword animations that stance and style would be great for quarterstaves (and thats how they are supposed to be wielded) I think poe has one animation for all 2h weapons unfortunately.

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I am doing a Shadowdancer Helwalker/Assassin that focuses on zipping around the battlefield in stealth to take out ranged units unarmed; then he becomes a standard monk (with sneak attack bonuses) once resources are used up or all ranged units are dead. Dance of death works well here because you can re-stealth if you become targeted. Unarmed probably isn't the most effective as an assassin, but I'm boosting power levels with Nature Godlike and an Acute inspiration from Xoti. Because of this, most lightly armored enemies (who aren't resistant to crush) die in one or two hits and that enemy has no time to react due to fast recovery and recovery reducing items. I have max might (35) at 10 wounds with thunderous blows and accuracy is always in the green. He is a glass cannon, but escape tools help keep the focus off of you and I rarely get knocked out. I minimized Constitution and Resolve, but this isn't required really if you don't like min/maxing.

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