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  1. Nice build. I was considering building something like this, but never went for it. I was thinking a Trickster scroll user instead of Assassin; akin to Boeroer's PoE build "Sorcerer's Apprentice". Thanks for posting!
  2. You probably don't want low Perception because, as an Unbroken, you want your engagement break penalties on enemies to hit in order to force prone. That's essentially the main draw of a fighter tank. Otherwise, engagement slots are rendered useless since enemies can effectively ignore you (and enemies in this game are keen to ignore the front liners from what I've experienced.) Keep in mind, the reflex penalty is not tremendous especially when you factor in Weapon and Shield Style, large shields, and Paladin's increased defenses. Fortitude should be your lowest defense. Encounters are toug
  3. If we're talkin' max PL, Death Godlikes while Near Death get +3 power levels instead of Nature Godlike's +2. Harder to activate, but technically higher.
  4. It's true it's fairly cheesy, but that's not the point. Any solo build tends to involve some kind of cheese or leverages over-tuned items and abilities. There's nothing wrong with showcasing these possibilities. I thought it was super cool and it shows off a lot of things I was unaware of. Another great build!
  5. I am doing a Shadowdancer Helwalker/Assassin that focuses on zipping around the battlefield in stealth to take out ranged units unarmed; then he becomes a standard monk (with sneak attack bonuses) once resources are used up or all ranged units are dead. Dance of death works well here because you can re-stealth if you become targeted. Unarmed probably isn't the most effective as an assassin, but I'm boosting power levels with Nature Godlike and an Acute inspiration from Xoti. Because of this, most lightly armored enemies (who aren't resistant to crush) die in one or two hits and that enemy has
  6. I see what you mean. My thought process focused on The Long Pain which doesn't have a proficiency to match with Devoted as far as I'm aware. Which is pretty unfortunate. I think unarmed is severely disadvantaged because of the lack of a proficiency.
  7. Has anyone else tried out this combination? I personally think it's insane. This guy gets insanely buffed without ever having to take damage from an enemy making him a great mid/back line fighter. Shattered Pillar Monks are sort of the answer for monks that don't want to get hit, but Berserker circumvents the need to create wounds from enemy attacks. Also, unlike in PoE1, you don't a mage to cause friendly fire to stack your wounds. You also don't have to run into melee, run out taking disengage penalties, and then begin your damage. Background Human - Living Lands - Whatever I'm not y
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