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[BUG] Nalpazca Drug Crash interaction with Arcane Dampener



A Nalpazca suffers the effects of drug crash even after Arcane Dampener wears off. Re-applying drugs removes drug crash (-100% healing and wound degeneration).

The negative effects of the drug also persist until the drug is reapplied, even though the positive effect returns when Arcane Dampener fades. 

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This puts me off too


1). It's dampener, tooltip says it's susposed to supress as long as duration is ticking and you're in this area


2). But it simply clears drugs effects permanently/leaving out Arcane Damper area doesn't help, nor waiting for AD duration go off


3). What's the practical difference between PL3 Arcane Damper and PL9 Arcane Cleanse there? They're working pretty similiar


My suggested fixes:


- make PL3 Arcane Damper a AoE supressing, not removing permanently

- make leaving AD area returning back drug buffs

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Please fix this, I am tired of having to reapply drugs on Nalpazca monk 5 times in the same fight.


This is making me rethink rerolling my Votary (from nelpazca into helwalker or no subclass) because its extremely disruptive. If i get dampened enough times, more than the amount of drugs on my inventory then I am as good as dead.

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