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Hi everybody.

This is my feedback about the game. It's a subjective feedback and sometimes, my sentences don't really show what I feel.

I really loved POE1. The spiritual son of Baldur's Gate they said... And I agree.

When I saw the FIG for POE2... It was soooo amazing. The spiritual son of Baldur's Gate 2 was even more exctiting to me.

I decide to pledge for 250$ and today.... I think I was wrong. (I would have buy it anyway).


The main Story

The main story is really short and not enough exciting. He wakes up, you follow him, you understand why, then you make a choice. End.

Main storyline have something like... 5 quests ?


In the other games I loved (including POE), I felt in a deep story in wich you don't really know why you are doing what you are doing, you don't understand the goals, you have to collect a lot of key to understand the story step by step.


In POE2, you only have an easy and short story you can explain in 3 sentences.




Great for background, factions are really strange.

They are at war or they have opposed objectives, but you, in the middle of these you can do what you want.

"You did something very wrong to us... but no problem, you're excused... do you want another quest ?"


Their quest line can be interresting but they are short too and there is no consequences (except on the end game ? don't know, I go alone...).

You can attack every ship : no consequences. You never HAVE to choose one and become the ennemy of another (meaning they want to track and-or kill you....).


I really expected better quest line for them with more issues, challenges and consequences.




As I said in previous lines, factions and main storyline is really not what I expected. Annoying because this HAS to be the most important quests.

No problem they are many side quests. Are they really interressing ? Not enough...

Bounty, short dungeon, companion story really short or non-existant...

A few are cool but not enough.


Remembering the castle of Nalia in BG2 or Umar hill and the ruin temple for exemple. Where are epic, dangerous and highly rewarding/satisfying quests ?




Generaly, I don't like level scaling. I like to go where the devs want me to go when they want.

This is a bit different here bacause of """open world""" but I try. No level scaling.


My experience : you take many quests, you go where you can, you wait for the other, you complete quests, leading to others quests you can't do, so you come to those you couldnt 1 or 2 level before, then you complete those quests....... same with the main story quests.... You do side quest to up your level because you are weak...

You are flooded by quests you can't do and other you can, doing them not because you WANT, but because you CAN. At the end you even don't remember why and what you are doing... Open world consequences I guess.


What I think if you play with upscaling : same experience but a little bit harder

What I think if you play with up+downscaling : easier experience but even more flood.


Only difficulty speaking : for me every fight should have at least 1 skull to be challenging.



Open world

Not a great fan of open worlds and I explain a little why previously (flooded by quests you cant follow,going everywhere everytime).

Anyway, for me the game lost his essence here.

POE deliver a story leading to side quests, maps, dungeons, items, companions ....

In POE2 open world is the main feature of the game.


- Filling everywhere (don't know if it's the right word).

- Useless dungeon, point of interrest to loot everywhere (boats, village, ruins, orchard, water reservoir.....),

- Many bounty quests

- Chopped story and quests (same here for the word "chopped")

- Non sense exploration


I don't really like open world games... And certainly not in a classic old school rpg.


These were the main points.... but I can add some.


- Only 5 companions : easier game, less strategy, less possibility, less micro management.

- Naval battles : not against the idea but too many useless options. Not enough strategic (is someone doing something else than 1) takkle 2)turn - shoot - turn - shoot - turn - shoot - win 3) approach and takkle ???)

- Useless craft

- Item upgrade unnecessary expensive

- bad inventory interface (impossible to filter by sort of item in categories...... good luck to find all your belt between gloves, necklace, bracers, mantle, helmet)



Anyway I like this game but I don't love it.

I'll never say it's one of my favourite. POE2 don't deserve the 250$ I gave and trust me, I'm the first to be dissapointed.


Hope you'll be able to understand. You probably noticed that english is not my mother tongue.



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I found most things too short. Main storyline, companion storylines, explorable areas, side quests (which are largely bounties)... There are some areas (like The Gullet) that are what we'd come to expect in depth and subplots... other areas (like Periki's Overlook) that... bleh. I know that not every area can be deep and exciting, but a lot of the game boils down to sailing around for a few minutes, walking around a mostly empty island, occasionally having a small dungeon, most often not connected to other events. I'm holding off replaying it again until more DLCs are released, because I just don't feel like i can get any more out of it.

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