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[Release] Afflictions and Inspirations rework

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 Wanted to add some more bite to the hard CCs without making them too powerful as they (arguably) were in PoE. For example, it was weird to me that Paralyzed targets weren't any easier to Hit with Deflection attacks, so I gave Paralyzed a -10 Deflection penalty.


 Also changed the effect of the Swift and Courageous Inspirations since they didn't seem too good to me.


 Haven't tested this for balance at all, so feedback in that regard is welcome.


 I'm not too clear on how compatibility works at this point, but this edited many entries in the statuseffects.gamedatabundle file, so it's probably incompatible with anything else that edits this.


 Might update this in future to edit more Afflictions/Inspirations, or change some of the effects.


 Current changes:


Courageous: Replaces the Interrupt Immunity effect to 25% incoming Crit to Hit conversion

Paralyzed: -10 Deflection

Petrified:-10 Deflection and +40% incoming damage

Quick, Nimble+20 Disengagement Defense

Swift: +20 Disengagement Defense and replaces Engagement Immunity with -50% Recovery

Stunned: -10 Reflex and WIll

Terrified: Immune to Concentration (same effect as the Thick Grew Their Tongues phrase)

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