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So I have the Rum Runner's DLC installed, at least I think I do; it's shown on the main menu screen.

I have completed the 'blow the man down' quest, before I got the DLC, if that make a difference.

But I can't get the dialogue to recruit Mirke. Is there more I need to do?

Is there something else I can check in-game to see if the DLC is working correctly? Like a new merchant, or merchant with specific new stock?

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This is slightly embarassing, but it turns out that GOG Galaxy had decided not to install the DLC after it said that it was installed.

For future reference, installed PoE 2 DLC packages have a dirty great big tick next to them on the main menu screen, while available ones are in grey.

And in in case anyone was wondering, I'm pretty sure the extra drinks added by the Rum Runner's DLC are available in the tavern that used to be a ship in Dunnage.

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