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What is the best ranged weapon for a DPS rogue/cipher assassinate build?

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I used the "Kitchen Stove" blunderbuss (wild shot ability) for most of the game.

Wild shot is the AoE "flamethrower" ability, when you catch 3+ enemies in the cone it converts into a sea of Focus (100-200)

Also Serafen has a hand mortar and if his quest is completed he gets another mortar.

At the end I bought the most expensive arquebus from trader in the Brass citadel, it is good, but I can't say it is worth it's enormous price (a price of a good ship).


Serafen's mortar is avaliable as soon as you leave Mage island, for Kitchen Stove you have to complete the quest for criminal overlord in the Gullet.


I also used assassin subclass.

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