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POTD bonuses? where art thou

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so, where in the heck are those bonuses to defense and accuracy stored?


i scoured the global, abilities and status effects gamedatabundles and no sign of where these values might be stored


even looked around some of the stringtables to see if i could find any clues but nada



has anyone had any luck?


i'd like to tweak them a bit myself(lower the defense bonus, slightly raise the accuracy one maybe) but i just cant find them


is this one of the thing that is currently unavailable for modding and will be in later versions?

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thanks !!!



now to wait, i just really dislike the defense boost(the accuracy boost is alrightt BUT) the defense boost makes mages/druids/priest REALLY hit or miss(LITERALLY) with their 2 casts per spell tier always having like 20% chance to hit with devotions of the faithful on >:^(

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