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Hey guys,


I'm hoping for some constructive criticism or for people to just blow up any ideas about this build that are incorrect. The idea is to build a barb/devoted that uses the Eager Blade estoc and uses some of the following synergies....


Rage + Eage Blade buff + Bloodlust + Mob Stance = huge attack speed buffs with little dex investment. Bloodthirst at higher levels.

Disciplined Strikes + Barbaric Blow for huge hit to crit to maximize Eager Blade buff quickly.

Mob Stance + Carnage + Eager Blade ability for big AoE damage

Mob Stance + One Stands Alone.....big buffs when there are a lot of enemies around.


I'd like to confirm that Carnage attacks are able to crit(will be essential for the eager blade buff to build fast). Also will Mob Stance + Carnage + Blood Thirst all work together?


I'm planning on teaming this build up with a chanter specced for support and tankiness (help regen rage and discipline to make barbaric blow more spammy), a main tank with pallagina, and probably Xoti and a high single target dps teammate.


One other question is will the synergies with Eager Blade be worth it? Dual Wielding is obviously very powerful with Full Attacks, and I'm wondering if the loss of Eager Blade's buffs and the additional penetration will be outweighed by say, 2 longswords. I do like the idea of Eager Blade, huge penetration, tons of accuracy buffs(+ disciplined strikes) to insure plenty of crits, etc.


Any thoughts and advice is welcome.





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