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Looking to play a ranged DPS using a bow.  Will play POE 1 first, then POE 2.  Characters should be similar in theme, but dont have to be exact class matches.  Not overly interested in pets, so it doesn't have to be a ranger, though it could be if they're great.  


Any suggestions for PoE 1 build?

Any suggestions for PoE 2 build?  Thinking devoted / something

 - Monk - swift flurry?

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For PoE you could try a ranged Cipher using Hunting Bows (the one you find the the Endless Path is the best Hunting Bow in the game, tied with the soulbound one).


For PoE 2 I'm playing with Ranger/Cipher mostly to get the Cipher's passives for +30% damage and +1 Penetration. Enjoying it so far. Although, from what I saw so far, unique War Bows are better in PoE 2. However, Devoted/Cipher might also work if you focus in Warbow, Pistol or Arquebus.

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