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Neketaka Gullet Food Quest Bugged


Can't actually remember the name of the quest, but it's the one re: getting the Eothasians / Gaunites to send food to the Gullet.


Once I get the quest from the Roparu elder in the Gullet and touch base with the healer there, I head to the Sacred Stair and its temple of Gaun. The priestess there can be spoken to about starting food shipments. This is where the quest seems to be bugged. You can offer her 500 CP, but the amount is not subtracted from your coffers - you get "she bows her head, considering." or something to that effect, and the conversation ends with no resolution.


This has the effect of keeping the quest hanging and also allowing for infinite benevolent or cruel points (maybe aggressive too?) as the conversation can be repeated fruitlessly.


Savegame is here. Over 1mb, sorry.


One thing to note: I had this bug on an earlier game, before the patch, and the bug seemed to resolve itself after speaking to the Prince and / or Queen about the Roparu food issue. Unsure if that will fix it this time around, but for the moment it's unresolvable. 

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