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Found 1 result

  1. Spoilers, obviously. As part of the main quest, you eventually end up with the quest Council of Stars, during which you're asked to pray to a deity of your choosing. Except not really. You're limited to a number of deities, that is, to the ones that are present at the temple. Which is.. odd, considering that the temple is really, really, really, really, really old. Blue = Altar of which deity. Red = Corresponding symbol. Green = Missing altars. Notably absent is Eothas, who does not get a symbol nor an altar. And it's extremely odd. Even if you can't pray to all the gods for whatever reason - they may be silent, they may be dead, they may ignore you - the altars should've still been there. Notably *present* is both Wael and Woedica, who you cannot contact through prayer here, so why wasn't Abydon, Magran, Skaen, Ondra and Eothas given the same treatment? If anything, by the background mythos, Woedica has been "dead" or "possibly dead" for far longer than Eothas. I think this is all a pretty serious discrepancy and I can't really wrap my head around why they didn't just include all the deities. Eothas missing from the sky and his altar silent, but still there, and if you were a Priest of Eothas, you could try to pray anyway - and fail. Magran giving you the silent treatment, especially if you have Durance in your party. Abydon refusing to get involved. Skaen as silent as Wael and Woedica, obviously. Ondra.. no clue, but whatever. I realize that there's such a thing as constraints and they may have felt a need to restrict the number of available quests, but at that point, it would've been far preferable if the alters were there but just not communicative. What's even odder is that when you do pray, you can utter prayers - some obvious incorrect - to ten different gods. Ten. Not eleven. These are: And again Eothas is ignored. Not from an objective observer/meta perspective, but from an in-character perspective. You can't even utter the wrong prayer to the wrong god and accidentally pray to Eothas by mistake. That is beyond stupid. The game almost makes it a point to make it ambiguous whether Eothas is truly dead or not, and whether Waidwen was truly Eothas or not, but at the same time, virtually jumps through hoops to drive home the meta that, yeah, he is, and he was, by restriction options related to him. Also, this might've been the best opportunity to use scripted interactions that never was. Instead there's a regular dialogue screen and a repeating light show. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed. What gives?
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