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Found 1 result

  1. This is a place where one gives inspiration, and another takes from it. Feel free to either inspire others with your own Watcher ideas, or to become inspired by them. ^^ You can type down as much, or as little information as you want. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Hylea's Blessed (ARTIST watcher, commoner - play as Rogue maybe.) AGE IN PoE1: 21 RACE: Heart Orlan CULTURE: Old Vaillia PERSONALITY: Benevolent, Passionate, Clever. TRAITS: Friendly, Good natured, 'Weak', Romantic, semi-funny in a good natured way. IQ (LOGICAL): Average IQ (EMOTIONAL): High Above Average ORIENTATION: Heterosexual BACKGROUND CHOICE: Artist, traditional lost inspiration. BACKGROUND IN DETAIL: * watcher was born to two middle class loving parents. * mother saw watcher's gift and passion for art, and encouraged them to continue * mother became gravely ill when the watcher was 17 * the watcher continued doing art, and always showed it to mother *mother died when the watcher was 20 *watcher losses inspiration after their mother's death *watcher ventures away, but isn't sure where and for what purpouse COMPANION FATES: Just be friendly and always encourage faith. IF ORLAN BABY KEPT (VELLA): Raises her with love and care, like a parent should. PAST LIFE TRAITS: Fanatic, Betrayed Iovara because she questioned her faith. PAST LIFE IOVARA RELATION: Sister. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. Galawain's Rebel (RAIDER watcher, Druid/Barbarian.) -------MY PERSONAL FAVOURITE! <3 AGE IN PoE1: 23 RACE: Wood Elf CULTURE: Deadfire Archipelegio PERSONALITY: Aggressive, Honest, Cruel. TRAITS: Brave, chaotic, strong, dumb (especially with emotions), brutally honest, believes the strong have every right to take from the weak (possession and lives included.) IQ (LOGICAL): Below Average IQ (EMOTIONAL):High Below Average (Impaired.) ORIENTATION: Homosexual BACKGROUND CHOICE: Raider, highwayman/woman, brought down by an army. BACKGROUND IN DETAIL: * Watcher's father unknown (Possibly ran before birth.) *Watcher born into a poor family * Mother married a Meadow Folk * He was highly abusive * Mother ran away as well to start a new life, leaving the watcher with his/her stepfather * Watcher finds comfort in nature * Observing nature, Watcher sees what they think is a sign from Galawain himself ; A weak small rabbit, teared apart by a much bigger, stronger bear. * Watcher gets angry and picks up the first weapon they could find, killing their stepfather with it * Watcher skips town, and bands together with similar brutes, becomes a raider * Wacther 'falls in love', or rather, into an obsession with a woman/man who doesn't feel the same way. Watcher can't take a hint though. * After they had to disband, the watcher journeys to Gilded Vail, where she/he plans to make a fortune. (As they were always poor, and the watcher craves money, besides blood.) COMPANION FATES: Diminished their fate in gods, make them chose their own paths, and believe in their own strength. IF ORLAN BABY KEPT (VELLA): Raises her to be a brutal warrior, strong and skilled, all while being protective of her and caring in her own (impaired lol) way. PAST LIFE TRAITS: Massive coward and liar. Betrays Iovara because he/she was scared of what the Grand Inquisitor may do to him or her. PAST LIFE IOVARA RELATION: Iovara loved the Watcher, and the Watcher loved her back. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3. Chained Mind Hunter (SLAVE watcher, Cipher.) AGE IN PoE1:25 RACE: Wood Elf CULTURE: Aydir PERSONALITY: Rational, Stoic, Diplomatic TRAITS: Thinks before he or she speaks, is as submissive as a slave would be (at the begging anyway), mysterious and has a thirst for freedom, and fear of going back into chains. IQ (LOGICAL): Average IQ (EMOTIONAL): Genius ORIENTATION: Heterosexual -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4. Skean's Faithful (SCHOOLAR watcher, Priest of Skean/Wizard) AGE IN PoE1: 18 RACE: Pale Elf CULTURE: Aedyr PERSONALITY: Diplomatic, Deceptive, Cruel. TRAITS: Secret hatred (especially of those who were and are far more well of then her), acts nice enough (diplomatic), when given the chance to sacrifice a companion for her own gain (without anyone knowing about it), she'd always accept. IQ (LOGICAL): Above Average IQ (EMOTIONAL):Average ORIENTATION: Heterosexual Other: Was expelled from arcane school for breaking rules. Has Cruel at at least (3) and sides with Skean at the end. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5 Unfaithful Teacher (PHILOSOPHER watcher, Chanter.) AGE IN PoE1: 28 RACE: Ocean Folk CULTURE: Ixamitl Plains PERSONALITY: Passionate, Diplomatic, Deceptive IQ (LOGICAL): Above Average IQ (EMOTIONAL): Above Average ORIENTATION: Bisexual Other: Was a teacher who cheated on her/his wife or husband. For the second time that she (or he) was caught wise of. This was the last time the Watcher's spouse would deal with it. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6. Con Artist (DRIFTER watcher, Cipher) AGE IN PoE1: 22 RACE: Moon Goodlike CULTURE: Old Vaillia PERSONALITY: Deceptive, Diplomatic, Clever TRAITS: he/she lies so much they don't even know when they themselves are telling the truth. Also, 'trust no one' is this watcher's mentality. IQ (LOGICAL): High Above Average IQ (EMOTIONAL): High Above Average ORIENTATION: Bisexual Other: A swindler who goes to one place to the next, selling plain rocks coloured in blue and white calling them 'moon rocks', makes people believe they bring good luck, as does the moon godlike him/herself. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7. Orphan Hero (DRIFTER watcher, Rogue.) AGE IN PoE1:18 RACE: Meadow Folk PERSONALITY: Benevolent, Stoic, Clever. TRAITS:Kinda shy to speak up at first, a coward at first, becomes a true hero by the end. (good kind) IQ (LOGICAL): Average IQ (EMOTIONAL): Above Average ORIENTATION: Homosexual BACKGROUND CHOICE: Drifter, orphan, who never found a place to call home. PAST LIFE IOVARA RELATION: Lover who never loved back. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8. Brawler (Dissident watcher, Monk/Fighter.) AGE IN PoE1: 23 RACE: Boreal Dwarf PERSONALITY: Aggressive, Clever, Passionate. IQ (LOGICAL): Below Average IQ (EMOTIONAL): Below Average ORIENTATION: Heterosexual Other: He (or she) served jail time for killing a man in a drunken bar fight. This watcher loves to pick fights, never shying away from a good brawl. He or she has a vulgar sense of humour. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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