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Found 1 result

  1. am realizing this will not be a popular suggestion. nevertheless, am thinking we need must say that as undervalued as some people see current PoE abilities, we do not see increasing their value as the appropriate fix. rpgs, both computer and pnp has traditionally made starting ability points far too meaningful. original white box d&d for example, had a glacial rate of leveling; it literal took Years o' weekly gameplay for us to reach level seven. many years passed and our cleric were, for all intents and purposes, fixed and immutable after we rolled his initial ability scores. Gromnir would prefer if level one choices were less important in PoE than in previous crpgs. reach level two or four or eight should be near as compelling as character generation choices at level one. yes, the current ability scores do not impact player Powha the same as they has in previous ie games, but that is not a bad thing, is not a flawed starting point. we has only had a small peek at traits, and am admitting that we cannot necessarily make heads-or-tails out o' some o' the traits we has seen. nevertheless, the way in which we envision PoE character development being best improved is not by inflating the value o' ability scores, but rather by making traits more significant. a few experience points short o' level 6 should be creating significant anticipation. each leveling opportunity should be meaningful and offer important opportunities for change and improvement. why level one and not level six? level one will continue to be more important than any other level- is unavoidable. you choose ability scores, culture, race, and class at level one. that being said, am not in favor o' making level one choices more important than they is now. if we wanna see greater diversity 'tween two mages or two ciphers, we would prefer that obsidian focus on adding more significant changes at later levels rather than at first. we haven't seen a full trait system. as such we got a couple suggestions. first, rather than demanding a wholesale revamping o' the ability scores, the PoE community should show some patience and wait til we see what obsidian's traits add to character development. second, we thinks obsidian should use this opportunity to alter the traditional crpg dynamic and to be making character development choices After level one more important. okie dokie. we set out the kindling, and as much as we make a very poor stand-in for joan o' arc, feel free to set us ablaze and roast marshmallows as we immolate merrily. HA! Good Fun!
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