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Found 1 result

  1. Someone mentioned JRPG's in another thread...and having a great interest in them...probably went to crazy with listing some of my favorite ones...which can make quite a list. I imagine that if there are others...this could create quite the thread. So, to start things off... They wanted to list the seminal RPGs equivalent to Baldurs Gate series, Fallout, and Planescape Torment. I'd add others which would be the gold Box series. So, in that light.... The equivalent if not more so than the Gold Box series for me would be The Final Fantasy series. Specifically Final Fantasy IV, V, and VI. VI would be the crowning achievement (known as FF III in the US when it was released) of ALL Final Fantasy games. Pure awesomeness. Encapsulates everything one would want into an RPG. They've even released updated versions of these for other systems such as the Gameboy advanced (which plays on the Nintendo DS), the Playstation, and now are available via PSN for the PS3 I believe. The equivalent for the Baldurs Gate series would be Final Fantasy VII, VIII, and then I'd toss in IX simply because VI was already taken with the gold box games. Playstation was a good system among the pack of new CD driven consoles when it came out. It was Final Fantasy VII where I felt it suddenly shifted. I know many people who got a Playstation solely due to Final Fantasy VII. Hype build Hype, and before long everyone wanted to try Final Fantasy VII...and needed a Playstation to try it. The equivalent of the Fallout series... This is harder. I think historically, there isn't really an equivalent for the F/O series. Someone mentioned Phantasy Star...having played PS since the beginning (and the older ones are MUCH better then the MMO type ones that came out later) I'd disagree. Maybe impactually they are equivalent...but I'd say there aren't that many. Probably the closest I've seen JRPGs come to a fallout type game would be Nier. Then for Planescape Torment with it's mental and psychological ponderings...that would fall solidly into the Xeno series. Xenogears was it for a long time but Xenoblades has slowly taken and become part of that as well. They actually have some convoluted background, and possibly could be considered closest to the Fallout equivalent if we didn't use them already for the Planescape equivalent. I suppose one could argue that the Persona games fill the PS gap much better...but I was never really a fan of those. I'd also like to toss into JRPG's another category not looked at much, which would be the Musical RPGs. Ironic, but there are some of these. My favorites are some of these...they are the Lunar series. Great little games. One of my favorite series other then the Lunar series however was the Chrono series...aka...Chrono Cross and Chrono Trigger. anyways, this gives us several branches of discussion we can pursue.
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