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Found 2 results

  1. Hey everyone! I've been working on a mod to spice up wizards. If you're interested, here you can find a list of the changes as they happen. Leave a comment if there's something you'd like to see implemented, if you'd like to help, or for general feedback! I'll appreciate your comment. Striking the perfect balance that this game attemped already is important to me, so I'd like to avoid no-brainers and game-breaking stuff. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wizards Revamped changes how spell schools and specialists work. Each specialist should have an interesting toolbox to tackle adventuring, with clearly distinct flavor but similar access to tools. I feel like the original implementation didn't work too well, because you ended up with redundant spells over multiple levels; there was almost no grimoire you could sensibly use to get a decent selection of spells for most subclasses; power levels disproportionately benefited certain schools; on top of spells not being evenly distributed. This is my grand opus... I mean my modest attempt at fixing these problems. Yeah, I take magic way too seriously. Changes that this mod makes: - SPELL SCHOOLS - PASSIVE BONUSES - SPECIFIC SPELLS - GRIMOIRES - TAGS SPELL SCHOOLS We now have Elements, Hexes, War Magic, Necromancy and Shamanic Magic. Loosely inspired by the Magic The Gathering colors. Elements -> fire, water/frost, lightning -> elemental damage Hexes -> countermagic, mind effects, warping reality -> debuffs, interrupts War Magic -> arcane, damage mitigation, weapon mastery -> weapons and weapon damage, armor > evasion Necromancy -> malaise, death/darkness, draining -> healing, fear, corrosion damage Shamanic Magic -> animalistic, natural, spiritual -> summons, evasion > armor, disruption Find each spell school with its relative spells in the picture linked. I hope you'll find that I've captured the flavor well enough! I can't seem to manage to upload the picture. Here's the link: https://lensdump.com/i/gSZFQk PASSIVE BONUSES I personally like the idea of school restrictions to specialist. I'm pretty sure I want everyone to be able to cast elemental magic, so they don't lose completely the ability to do damage. For each school +2 PL and -10% recovery time with spells of the school. - Hexers : Elements, Hexes and Shamanic Magic -> so many illusions left you incorporeal: take -10% weapon damage and +15% spell damage. Escape (rogue) 1/encounter - Warmages : Elements, Hexes and War Magic -> Inspired Defense from the Paladin tree? - Necromancers : Elements, Hexes and Necromancy -> some vampirism effect? - Shamans : Elements, Necromancy and Shamanic Magic -> +10% corrode damage on spells; Fleet Feet 1/encounter? - Elementalists : Elements, Hexes and Shamanic Magic -> chance to double cast, as per Evocation class So each specialist gets Elements, most get Hexes, and only Warmages get War Magic. Here I just wanted to make it so War Magic keeps its mitigation and doesn't get Shamanic spells, more focused on evasion. It should also be interesting for multiclassing purposes! Feel free to suggest another distribution. Help with the passives appreciated! SPECIFIC SPELLS These are ideas based on my experience with some spells being too strong, and other underwhelming. Others were moved to have the right amount of spells for each level. I probably underestimated some spells and you'll notice that I'm biased towards debuffs > damage spells, so feedback is appreciated. Chill Fog lv. 1 > lv. 2, this spell is definitely not worse than Curse of Blackened Sight Miasma of Dull-Mindedness lv. 2 > lv.1, -6 instead of -10(?) Merciless Gaze -> Eagle Eye. More animal eyes! Wizard's Double now grants +20% damage until hit, 0 deflection, so you don't get 300 deflection spells doing the same thing. Deleterious Alacrity of Motion 3 > 4, it's already build defining, and I would like to see Warmages do other, less no-brainer things Necrotic Lance > Blast of Tattered Veils; cast time 4.5 > 1, recovery 3 > 4, now interrupts on hit, damage 18-26 instead of 33-42. Redundant, but trying to spread spells I ran out of ideas. Arcane Veil lv. 2 > lv. 1; grants 40 deflection instead of 50. Essential Phantom lv. 4 > lv. 5 Confusion > Ghastly Debilitation, causes Sickened instead of Confused, to distinguish it somehow from Bewildering Spectacle. Blast of Frost lv. 5 > lv. 4, 36-58 damage instead of 39-62, to have Ice spells each level. Shadowflame lv. 4 > lv. 7. Bear with me, it's to make Ice Mages a thing! We'll just buff damage and effects accordingly. Arkemyr's Mercurial Madness lv. 8 > lv. 7. It's so quirky that I'd even put it at a lower level, but let's talk about it; now pickable progressing to PL 7, or Hexes wouldn't have anything there. Llengrath's Warding Staff > Llengrath's Warding Moonstaff, lv. 7 > lv. 6 NEW SPELL! Removed Infuse with Vital Essence > Ryngrim's Revivification (inspired by DCSS) -> You heal to max health, but you're knocked out after 15 seconds. Only available in Ryngrim's something grimoire (Ryngrim's Disquieting Countenance? Ryngrim's Dire Bargain? +3 PL to Ryngrim's spells, vulnerability to resolve afflictions?) --- just cosmetic: Llengrath's Displaced Image > Llengrath's Spectral Diversion, in theme with shamanic stuff Arcane Cleanse > Soul Cleanse, again for shamanic stuff Llengrath's Warding Staff > Llengrath's Warding Moonstaff, again for shamanic stuff Kalakoth's Sunless Grasp > Ryngrim's Sunless Grasp for Ryngrim's grimoire GRIMOIRES A lot to be done about this, but I'd like more themed grimoires: Book of Storms could have some unpredictable effect, there should be a Minoletta's Grimoire, the Dusty Black Grimoire could reduce range of spells for 1 PL or something. Feedback appreciated! I'll get to it in the next days. TAGS Hexes, War Magic, Necromancy, Shamanic, Elements (Fire, Frost, Electricity). Concelhaut's, Minoletta's, Ninagauth's, Arkemyr's, Llengrath's, Ryngrim's Spells, to give a few grimoires some cool effect. Some Shamanic Spells could get Beast (Eagle Eye, Gaze of the Adragan, Maura's stuff, Zahndethus' Draconic Fury...), to give some good feels about using The Spine of Thicket Green with a Wizard. Thank you for reading! Looking forward to some feedback.
  2. * As the Topic title mentions, I am looking for a good balanced Melee Rogue build with out min maxing. Since I do not play on hard and up ( Not so far at least. ) their is no need for min maxing in my opinion. * I have a ranged Rogue and I certainly like him, but on these forums I some times see people mention that a Melee Rogue is even more dangerous then a ranged one. Now curious as I am I would like to try and see whether that is true or not. * Now I am well aware that a Melee Rogue is not a tank, but I hope some of you know a good balanced Melee Roguee build that will not go down in 1 or 2 hits? But at the same time He/She would be able to make sure the enemy is aware how dangerous a Rogue can be up close? ( at least long enough to put the hurt on the enemy and then move out of danger some how? )
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