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  1. I'm not a fan of ebay... I don't like paying over the odds for second hand goods. Sounds like it might be my only option but theres something satisfying about breaking the seal on a freshly bought game. Ah well.
  2. I was wondering if anyone could help me, I've been trying to find retailers in the UK that are still selling KOTOR and KOTOR2 for the PC but have been unable to find one. Have tried everyone I can think of from play.com/game/gameplay/gamestation/amazon/pcworld/lucasarts store and everyone is sold out of both titles. Does anyone here know where I might be able to buy them or be willing to sell me a copy? Is there a reason for this stock shortage as you can usually still buy most "old" games and KOTOR2 isn't that old - is there a special edition coming out? Most of the online retailers say t
  3. Reveilled - Thanks for that, i'm glad it wasn't just me that missed this then as from what some people in this thread have been saying the story makes perfect sense and I was starting to think I'd played it all wrong. On point two I did get a cutscene where G0-T0 re-programs the droid but I also cut one where he definatley blows him up in the engine room. Unless when you say re-program you mean G0-T0 likes doing jig-saw puzzles with little bits of metal. The more I think about the story though the more it just doesn't make sense, any of it... I was reflecting on it and all I could thin
  4. Hey first of all I'd like to say that i'm not an RPG fan, in fact the only one I've ever played is Fallout1&2. Second my wife already hates me enough for spending so much time addicted to kotor2 so I can't really go back and replay it half a million times just for the small bits I may have missed (besides after playing this I want to go and play kotor 1 which it seems is a more finished game). I really enjoyed the game and I tried to go through all the dialogue options but there are bits that just don't make sense, some of them have been covered here, some haven't and was wondering if
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