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  1. I've never bothered to try turning off half of my cores (all logical) and it gave me a 10 fps increase so that's great. It's incredibly disappointing how poorly this game is made. I get the same framerate in Queen's Berth (about 45 with normal settings) as I do running Shadow of the Tomb Raider on ultra. Changing my graphics options does NOT affect my fps - it's clearly not a limitation of my GTX 1070 Ti. Obsidian should take a page out of Larian's book and use a custom engine that actually runs well and has minimal loading screens. It's not the user's fault for having a perfectly fine computer that runs most modern games at 144 fps - it's the developers for choosing the platform they did and making a poorly optimized game. Rant aside, I really like PoE 1 and 2 but at some point the games started running a lot worse and it wasn't good in the first place for PoE 1. I managed to beat PoE 1 twice but couldn't finish the DLC because every quicksave took at least 20 seconds, and every zone loading the same amount of time. The game just got progressively worse and worse. I think people said it was related to the amount of containers you've opened in the game or something. At least they have my money though right?
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