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  1. I suspect that the intended ending structure was that the Exile is unconscious or in a coma after the crash on Malachor 5 and that his companions, presuming him to be dead (which is where the 'he's dead!' thoughts come in) all take off after Kreia. This could easily be the point where Atton kills Disciple and would also how explain why Mira is wandering the planet's surface on her own and how Atton gets ahead of the Exile in order to be tortured by Sion.
  2. Bao-dur was delicious. He was so gorgeous and so well voice-acted it was a shame he didn't have more to say. I was hoping for the chance of an Bao-dur romance, but while the writers of these types of games seem quite happy to slip the occasional lesbian in, a cross-species romance seems to be further than they're willing to go. Also, hell will freeze over before you get the faintest hint of a gay bloke, but that's for another thread. Between Bao-dur in his tight little tops and Atton I think the girls are well up on the original game when all we had to drool over was Carth and his endless whining on about his trust issues. I never got that romance off the ground because I honestly couldn't be bothered, but it was a real disappointment when I didn't ever get any resolution with Atton.
  3. I've never found those bad boys either, although apparently they are supposed to appear in the second group of mercenaries you come across in the forbidden zones as you head down to the sea. You get rid of the quest if you lie to Grenn about having killed them, which I did on my last playthrough, but they still didn't turn up when they were supposed to. I've tried a few combinations of actions with no luck, so I'm putting it down to being another bug, I'm afraid.
  4. Don't lost hope, people. If enough of us want this ending badly enough we will find a way. There is a precedent - anyone remember TV program the Sentinel? That too was cancelled with a half-assed ending, and it was fan pressure that got another six episodes made and the whole thing resolved properly. If nothing else maybe someone'll create a mod in neverwinter nights - the will and the talent are out there. And believe it or not, I trust Obsidian. I've played the games these guys wrote more than any others. I've got faith that somehow they will find a way to come through for us.
  5. I liked Atton's line when you choose a male Revan: very cool and dry, something like 'Maybe I just wanted to think Revan was a woman.' Don't know if anyone also here knows Cowboy Bebop but that was such a Spike Spiegel line. Beautifully voice-acted too.
  6. Can I add my voice to those begging pathetically for a content patch, even if it's just for the Atton romance? The dialogue at the start was fantastic and he and Bao-dur were hands down the best characters in the game for me. I was so looking forward to some kind of resolution to the romance and the dialogue I've seen quoted earlier in the thread would have just blown me away. As it is I just feel... well, itchy and strangely unfulfilled. All the characters are brilliantly written and voice acted, it would be a real shame to leave the ending as it is now, with no idea of what happened to any of them. So please please please please please... could we have a content patch?? Even if it's just to resolve the whole Atton thing? :">
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