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  1. I only signed up to these forums to add my name to the many, many affected players of this game. More people beyond this thread are affected if you simply do a google search for South Park Stick of Truth O Canada bug. I have the PS3 disc version. I downloaded the patch before I began playing. I am having the same exact issues: stupid Earl of Winnipeg going on about dire bears and dire robes and the Mountie won't let me get to the bears. I, too, explored the map both outside the city of Winnipeg and within it before approaching the Earl. I'm so very disappointed not to be able to play anymore. I have already completed all the side quests and have no missions to do, whatsoever, besides this one thus rendering my game useless. I am considering returning it to GameStop as I got a warranty on it. I realize it's not the disc that is the problem, however, the game is absolutely rendered USELESS by this game breaking bug. Working on this "as fast as humanly possible" is a lie because it does not take weeks on end to either remove the Mountie from being in the way or write a patch that fixed it. As a company, game breaking bugs should be explored and fixed before a launch. Loyal fans understand patches for simple problems or glitches that can cause a crash or something along those lines but to not be able to play at all when I've only owned the game for a week or two is absurd.
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