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  1. The point is, its not "slightly" broken. Its a game breaker. So no, I can't play it at any time, unless I want to replay hours of material that, great as it is, doesn't exactly have much of a reason to replay if you've done the sidequests the first time around. As far as other gaming options out there, had I'd known this would happen, then sure I'd look elsewhere. Instead I'm out $60 that could've been used on another choice. As it stand I'm stuck with an unusable product because I can't just go spending $60 any time I want. Best I'm gonna get is a $15 trade in, when a full refund is in order in my opinion. Thing is I could be patient if they would just give us some sort of ETA for the fix as opposed to generic statements and promises devoid of any actual detail. Maybe they are scared to say because its going to take another month? Who knows? But an ETA would restore some faith and /or help those of us on the fence decide to trade in or not.
  2. I've also tried to bringvthis to the attention of a few reputable online gaming sites, as I feel more awareness is needed of this issue. I urge others to do the same. People thinking about buying the game need to know what they are paying for. As it is, I had to do some serious googling to even find this thread. Think about the audience a blurb about this on IGN could reach...perhaps it would create urgency and incentive for some form of compensation.
  3. I think alot of us just want more of an assurance than "we're working on it". It'd be easier to have patience if we had some elaboration, and especially an ETA for a possible fix. But for all we know our game could be collecting dust for another month. I know we'll never get a full refund, but some sort of compensation for selling a faulty product, resulting in such a lengthy fix should be strongly considered here. Even a PSN or XBOX Live credit of some sort would go a long way towards good faith for customers. There are a lot of other games I could have put my $ towards that I'd actually be playing right now.
  4. A week has passed now since the last promise from the devs. As far as I can tell the bug has been reported as far back as March 6th, and still no fix. At this point I feel like some sort of refund or compensation is in order. I supported your company by pre-ordering and buying the game at launch, and you guys can't even elaborate on what is being dine aside from. "we 're working on it we swear we're super cereal right now"
  5. I just want to make obsidian aware that I have the same issue on the disc based xbox 360 version. It doesn't appear to be condole specific. Far too deep in the game for replaying to be a viable option.
  6. I would just like to add that I have the disc based XBOX 360 version, and have the same problem. This was the only place on the internet I could find regarding the bug. All of my saves are beyond this point so I too am stuck, unable to advance. This is far too deep in the game for me to replay my way back. But again mostly just want obsodian to be aware its not a console specific problem.
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