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  1. I think it would be a lot easier to be patient if you could tell us what exactly is so time consuming on fixing a broken quest. Is your quest engine buried in such chaos that you cant simply set flags to handle quest related items? What about the solutions suggested here in the forum, a npc whos main purpose is to help those who suffer from the bug? Those things dont take much time and will calm down the people since they will be able to continue with the game. The first report on this issue (the OP) is from the 6th of march. Now 20 days later you still tell us its being worked on and you ask us to be patient. Most of us paid 60$ just for a couple of hours till the game breaking bug appears and we are still waiting for you to fix this. Dont get me wrong but its not you who can demand some patience from us, it is us who can demand what we paid for! This is EA style
  2. I just signed up to these forums so I could enlist my name to people who are affected. I bought the game 4 days ago for 60$ via PSN. I downloaded the game and it auto patched before I could play it. I also talked to the mounties and the girl in town first before approaching the earl of winnipeg and the cutscene doesnt trigger and he keeps saying the same line over and over again. Now dont get me wrong...I really enjoyed this game...it was awesome in all ways and its been a long time a game pulled me in like that...at least up to that point which really makes me (and obviously other players as well) change mind 180 degree. If youre done with all side quests and have nothing else to do than you are left with a game which is unplayable for 60$. I also find it kinda pathetic that the OP is from the 6th of march and till now nothing (and the Rock means NOTHING) has happened to fix this. I read through suggestions here and the people came up with solutions already that could provide a quick fix and would as well fit into the game. How hard can it actually be to fix a broken quest/npc. In most cases theres just a flag set to 0 while it should be 1 and even if the problem was a bit more difficult you could come up with a way to skip things like suggested a couple of posts before me a la "your game is glitched? welcome to canada! just talk to me!" Up to this point the game was awesome...after this bug and considering the speed of obsidian fixing this all that is left is pathetic. I also strongly agree with mhrzitqs and would welcome some sort of compensation. Selling a product which is just using space on your hard disk but does nothing else at the moment for 60$ feels a lot like a ripoff. In the future when a game is made by obsidian we should consider buying it after one year for half the price and with major bugs fixed. In the end its our fault spending full price on a title and expect it to be working
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