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  1. Any chance we could get this thread back on track? Has anyone heard anything new from Obsidian or Lucasarts about the movie patch? Ive given up waiting and have started going through the game a 2nd time as a dark side chick and im noticing that a lot of the movies seem to have a wierd coloring problem where half the movie is in grayscale or something. Come on obsidian! Threaten them with Indian rug burns if they dont quit screwing over your customers!
  2. I cant deal with this. Hes creative because he GOT the story that Obsidian put together? All he did was summarize the whole thing. Sure he fleshed out some of the details with his own conjecture but....jesus its not rocket science what happened and how.... And your ideas from games seem pretty derivative to me. The whole "monsters are real conspiracy" has been beat to death im afraid. Rent Wicked City for a prime example of the senario you described with monsters, dimensions, consipiracies and goverment negotiations and such. I mean...yeah you are "creative" but....ive never seen so much back patting in one thread in my life. In your defense, there are only so many ways to skin a cat, but i wouldnt say that you are sitting on that "omg its so crazy and so obvious" idea or anything....
  3. So i gotta ask. Whats the point of going to such extremes of posting heartfelt thank you's to everyone who said "hey, what you wrote didnt suck. Keep up the good work!" HERE when none of them will see it? Aegis might be being a tad harsh about it, but its definetly a little bit of a stroke your ego thing by posting "the history of my idea" here for us. It breaks it up and makes it harder to follow, and it wasnt always clear what you were saying as narrative, what they were saying and what you were saying in response and really just detracts from the whole thing. And why do we need to know that you were sick and didnt respond right away? There are no time stamps on the whole thing. Its all just wierd as i said. Im not really interested in flaming you though, just kind of pointing out that when you post that way, it comes off a little condescending and...wierd. And is a big distraction from what is essentially, a summarization essay. For the record though, it was a good summary and probably will be helpful to some people to really understand things. PS: "This is the only time I say this. And I consider it fair warning. " Or what??? You are going to write mean things? You arent a board mod. What could you possibly do to anyone who said bad things about people who praise you? Why not just be the bigger man and say nothing?
  4. Oh....i guess that meant PLAY PS:T then. I should have guessed that. I havent actually, but ive read (here) that its pretty kick ass and that TSL has a lot of similarities to PS:T. I assume that iti has some kind of dual identity, fighting yourself thing in it? How old is that game anyway? I tried to go play Baldurs gate after playing NWN, but i just couldnt deal with the interface for some reason. Is torment like that?
  5. Did you ever place PST ? :D <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Sorry for wasting a post on this but uh...whats place PST mean?
  6. Dude what do you mean? Shes right there; whispering, always whispering.... anyway, funny you should say that, I actually thought for awhile (seeing some of the cutscenes for a 2nd and third time) that nihilus WAS the exile...more specifically the personification of the wound in the force that the exile caused. Its amost outright implied by the jedi masters on dantooine when you meet up with them again. I looked at it as a similar phenomenon as Anakin being a manifistation of the force to balance it, or Zanoma Skeot from the EU Novels. Nihilus was a manifistation of that wound and its growth in power as it threatens to be the death of the force. The only thing that stops me from really thinking that is that im not sure if nihilus exists before malachor V or not. Theres no real time frame for when traya, sion and nihilus had thier tiff, that i can see. On the other hand, im not really digging into the availible material to determine it either, its just an idea i like to mull over while waiting for the save games to load
  7. Kunai....your posts are good but dont you think you are being a little....full of yourself? For the most part, all youve done is reitterate the entire story of TSL as pieced together from the conversations and cut scenes into one long essay basically, with your own supposition tossed in here and there. Not that theres anything wrong with that, but for you and those who think what youve written is "so good, you should be writing star wars novels", i think maybe you need to quit patting yourself on the back so much. I get wanting to post your multipart essay/thesis/summary over here for more appreciative KOTOR fans, but come on...its a LITTLE wierd that you would post it and all the comments as well. Now, your posts have done an excellent job of sumarizing the story into an easy to follow narrative and i can see why people would be appreciative of it, but since you didnt come up with any of the ideas on here, but derived them from the source material (in some cases, less than derive, outright retell) shouldnt you all be patting OBSIDIAN on the back for crafting such a deep, layered story instead of the guy who summarized it over the course of 3 pages?
  8. Man, i actually thought the lego star wars demo was pretty kick ass. I mean, its no halflife 2, but you have to admit that its pretty clever and fun! Thats what legos are all about. Using the force to put together lego blocks to make control consols and stuff kicks ass. And you have to be dead inside to not smile when they whip out those fat ass light sabers that look exactly like the toys but light up. I weep for your soul.
  9. Not only that. It also means that from now on, no more Jedi wookies, EU or not. And of course no double-bladed lightsaber wielding slugs either. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Since Lowbacca is returning for the upcoming post NJO series, I don't it means that. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> What it means is hes going to be killed. NJO Spoilers!
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