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  1. Hi, I bought the game from PSN and downloaded. I found a bug and my game is stuck, in Clyde's Fortress after defeating Craig and some Nazi Cows the loading screen shown but it turned black and the game didn't resume, the only function working was the Start Menu, so I decide to make a copy of my progress (note: my ps3 never turn off and the game still running), also I restart the game and it works fine, but when I select Continue the loading screen shows up but keeps loading and the game never start. Also I tried to load the game before the fight and it works but when defeating Clyde again the game freezes after, so I can not pass beyond this fight..!!! Also, I tried to create a new game and it worked fine the issue is that I can not play my old game only for a damn bug...... I don't want to lose all my progress I will hate that a LOOOT!!!... please Help. Thanks!
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