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  1. Create an american profile for playstation network and launch the game from that profile. Check on google the steps to follow to do the account. That is also the way you can buy the game in EU without censore. Finally i finished the game!
  2. They are laughing at as? where in the world the client is so not taken serious? I paid 60$ to play and finish a game not to test it. After a mounth i´m not getting anything, no dates, no money back, no compensation, THE GAME IS BROKEN!!! and you bastards don´t give a F+*ck. I feel so fu+^¨Çng cheated by this people, Obsidian should be so ashamed and should try to clean their name because this is getting too far i´m going too mad and i hate it. CHEATERS
  3. As i have said plenty of times, I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!! Loyal gamers who spend 60$ in a game are not game testers, the guy waiting for the price to drop will have a much better game experience compare to us. If there is no money back at least some kind of compensation. This is so F*%>!ng unfair, we have been waiting too long...
  4. Ok Mr DEVELOPERS. Don´t thank for my pacience because i just lost it all. Playstation network does not allow me to give the game back. They say is your problem to fix this, as an unhappy costumer i have the right to get my money back since i paid for something that is not working, being honest, even if you guys fix it, i don´t want to keep on playing this game, i lost all my interest. Do you think this is fair? Do you think that by saying every two weeks that you are working on it we just have to accept? i don´t think so. THIS IS BULL****!!! If we don´t get a good deal for this, next monday im starting to contact all my friends working on videogame magazines and websites. to explain this, because is well hidden on the website and maybe is time to show everybody what is going on with this game you cheated us with.
  5. i was loving the game, now i´m starting to hate it, for sure that i won´t talk good about it to friends who ask me about it.
  6. My game is broken too, quite frustrating. I played many games in my life and this has never happened. Not the best way to take care of the people who spend 60$ to play the game instead of waiting for the price to drop. There is no excuse, i paid for something that ain´t working and the patch is taking way too long.
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