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  1. What tier level did you pledge at? I wasn't aware of a physical reward tier that didn't come with a digital version of the game. I did not back during Kickstarter, I pledged/ordered directly from the site (Boxed Copy of Pillars of Eternity - which does not include digital copy).
  2. Will backers who are supposed to only get physical rewards get a free digital version on release? I am just wondering since I added an addon for a digital copy because I was told that physical copies do nto automatically come with extra digital copy and would thus end up with two digital copies.
  3. Do those who only ordered a physical reward get a digital edition on release or will they have to wait?
  4. It depends on a few different factors, but mostly it has to do with what tier your have. The higher cost tiers did come with digital copies. The basic boxed copy off of the Backer Portal does not come with a digital version. Thank you. If I decide to buy an Extra Ditial Download Add-On, do I get a choice of the service I will get it on or does it default to Steam? Or will Obsidian provide the download through their own site? (The same question would go for the DD of the expansion I ordered along with the physical copy)
  5. I just realized I did nto check when ordering - does the physical edition come with a digital download as well? Or is it purely physical (with patches available separately from official site)?
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