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  1. Hello! see title - currently I feel there's no reason to use anything other than an assault rifle. I really like different weapons and skills to reflect that, so I'd love to see some rebalancing, so I can start a second playthrough as pistol or shotgun guy. If you're at it just revamp the whole weapon skill system better yet, let Josh Sawyer do the balancing cheers,
  2. lol 5 hours? man, go on youtube and watch some speedrun videos, they show you how it's done!
  3. how can you recieve the quest if Parvati is dead? and what is the problem? recieving the quest although your companion is dead? or do you not want to recieve the quest at all, since Parvati is dead? Either way you are not goint to complete the quest if Parvati is dead, right?
  4. Huh? Am I understanding this correctly you are trying to do a quest where the protagonist is dead? How are they supposed to patch that?
  5. what's the hurry with the patch anyway? ok unless you're someone who is stuck due to a bug and are hoping for the patch to fix it. Apart from that, there's not going to be any major overhauls, rebalances or content added, and the game was pretty bug free IMO. so, chill everybody
  6. Hello! so far, love the game! but two things bug me - one is the fact that the game doesn't seem to save on quit. Which is really annoying, if I have to stop playing in a hurry and don't have time to go back to the ship, I loose progress. *spoilers* second is in the beginning with sleeping - my quarters on the ship is closed because I don't have the regulator yet. I cannot seem to rent a room somewhere or sleep anywhere so I have to rush this quest which I don't want to do. I mean is it really more important to sleep in my own bed than to stay alive and healthy? cheers!
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