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  1. Regarding the Dustil Onasi Scene-my guess would be that this isn't intended to be part of the ending, but rather a vision seen in the Sith Tomb on Korriban. This is based off of the last few lines from the material supplied by Aurora, which are choices the player has when dealing with the Republic soldiers in another vision taking place in the Sith Tomb. My guess would be that originally the plan was for Dustil to have been a Jedi who went insane and killed his companions, and that you would talk to him as one of your visions in the Tomb.
  2. There is a silver crystal in the locked metal box in the Queen's room in the Palace on Onderon, along with other goodies. It takes an ungodly-high Security skill to open without bashing, and I'm almost certain that none of the stuff in this box is random (both characters I've played as who got this far got the same stuff).
  3. Ok, I've cleaned the stuff provided by Aurora up, trying to make it more reader friendly. I also reordered it so that some scenes make more sense, added some comments regarding which should play depending on whether your character's gender and dark/light side alignment, and put in tentative timings on when they should play. My comments are in <>s, and italicized. Challenging Kreia <Takes place no matter what. Lines involving Mira may not be present, if Mira isn't in the party. Interesting that Bao-Dur may be a Jedi, but he isn't present in any of this. From the note included with the dialogue the party has before they approach Kreia, the party's discussion of planning an attack shouldn't occur. I still include it, because I like it. I had to guess on who said most of it, but it seems about right. Takes place right as the Exile enters the Academy.> {[Gameplay Programmer: DO NOT SCRIPT THIS. Kreia is sitting in the middle of the Trayus Core, meditating.]} Mira: {Quietly}I say we fire a rocket at her right now, and blow her screaming, burning body into the heart of this planet. Atton: It wouldn't work- if there were other distractions, maybe, if she wasn't telepathic, maybe. If you want to kill her like that, you need something else to occupy her attention, otherwise you might just wound her. And then we'd all be in trouble. Disciple/Handmaiden: This battle will not be decided by weapons. Visas: You are wrong. Manipulation is Kreia's strength, not battle. We have a chance... we just have to figure out how to make use of it. Let us see what transpires... and plan our attack.{[Gameplay Programmer: Pauses, looks around, realizes that Atton is gone.]}{[Gameplay Programmer: Fight between Atton and Kreia, short, quick, brutal.]} <Kreia sits back down, if the above occurs. If so, Atton doesn't give his line, nor does she speak to him at the end.> Mira: {With weapon at the ready}We've come a long way, Kreia... don't bother getting up. Kreia: {Indulgent, doesn't move}Ah, the huntress. To come alone... you are braver than I thought. Disciple/Handmaiden: She is not alone. We stand with her. And with her, stand all the Jedi.{Strides in, behind other Jedi, lightsaber raised} Atton: And now I come in, saying something suitably heroic. Kreia: {Mild contempt, doesn't even bother getting up}Children with lightsabers... {smiles contemptuously, beat}but not Jedi, I think. Kreia: {[Gameplay Programmer: Kreia gets up.]}Come close, let me look upon you and see what the exile's teaching has forged. Kreia: {[Gameplay Programmer: Looks across the "heroes," camera pans across them - just do a series of close ups if we have no animated camera]}An assassin, a slayer of her own kin, a blinded slave... and a fool.{Indulgent}Which of you wishes to try yourselves against me? As you can see, I am unarmed. Kreia: <turns to Handmaiden, if Exile is male> You, perhaps? Come, child, where you walk, it is not far from battle, slaughter, and the blood of your sisters. Kreia: <turns to Disciple, if Exile is female> Come, boy, face me now - do not make this one of the many battles you have run from. {[Disciple/Handmaiden attacks, Kreia barely moves, deftly avoiding every blow, then gets bored, and grabs the Handmaiden/Disciple by the throat, or in a Force Crush.]} <if Exile male, to Handmaiden> Think. Think before you throw away your life for him. Think of everything you will lose by dying.Your lusts unfulfilled. A dance, unfinished. A love, requited. Think before you give it up so quickly. <if Exile female, to Disciple> Think. Think before you throw away your life for her. Think of everything you will lose by dying. A love, requited. A hope of another life, beyond the shadow of the Jedi. {Beat before last sentence}Think before you give it up so quickly. <presumably the Disciple/Handmaiden collapses at this point> Kreia: {[Gameplay Programmer: Kreia turns to Visas.]}And you, blind one, you have hungered to strike me down ever since you saw the bond the exile and I share. Visas: Can you feel the Force running through me, even past the veil, past your bloodied eyes? You know you cannot win. The Force runs strong within you, Traya, but in the howling of a storm, it is difficult to hear the whisper of the blade. You have forever been the blind one. You were given a gift few are ever given, and yet you let your gift of sight warp you, tw- Kreia: {[Calm, like a surgeon, Kreia does Force Crush, lifting Visas up.]}You think your existence under your Lord was torture, Miraluka? I will make you see.{[Pause as Visas lies, collapsed.]} Kreia: {Turns to Mira} And you. You were stronger than I thought - to spare the beast that wished to kill you. I felt it, faintly, even here on Malachor. Come, huntress. You have tracked me so far and killed many beasts to be here. Come, huntress. You have tracked me so far. Cast away your past for this moment. <Presumably, Kreia disables Mira somehow, probably Force Crush> Kreia: <turns to Atton> And now... at last, the fool. You only delay the inevitable. You have been difficult to sense before... but not now. You can cloak your mind only for so long. It is only a matter of coaxing the right thought to the surface. Your desire to protect the Jedi... and the hope that will kill the guilt inside you. Kreia: <if Exile is male> He will fall before me, you know. And when I am done with him, I will watch as he murders you with the Force. Kreia: <if Exile is female> It is only a matter of coaxing the right thought to the surface. Your desire to protect the Jedi... and the hope that she truly cares about you...She will fall before me, you know. And when I am done with her, she will view you with all the contempt I do for a murderer such as you. <Atton collapses in despair, or Kreia disables him with Force Crush.> Kreia: <to Sion?> And that is the last of them. Take them. They are strong in the Force... and they will have their uses. I will remain here and await the one who comes. Atton torture/death/love: <This set of scenes should be shown if the Exile is female, and has more Influence with Atton than with the Disciple. I did some heavy reordering of this, to help it make more sense. Also, I took part of it that didn't seem to "fit", and made it into a seperate scene.> <The first scene of two should be about the time you enter the second area of the Academy, the Proving Grounds.> {[Cut to a scene of Sion's face, smiling.]}{[sion advances through the halls. Atton comes to face him, looking a little sheepish. Darth Sion draws his blade against Atton.] } Sion: And I get the fool. Atton: Funny - that's just what I was thinking.{[Gameplay Programmer: Sion levitates Atton into the air, holding him in place.]} {[At the end, Sion cuts off his arm, then leaves Atton on the ground, writhing in pain but Atton staggers to his feet, still wounded. Sion stops, turns.]} Atton: {Weakly, just had hand cut off}Running away? I'm not done with you yet. Sion: Nor I you. {Levitates Atton}I will remake you. So when I look upon you it shall be like a mirror. Then I shall let you die. Atton: There's... nothing worse you can do to me. Take your time. <The second scene of two should be on the path to the Core, right after you fight Sion. The player actually seems to get a choice in this dialogue, if I'm interpreting the text correctly. It's listed the same way dialogue in the game is listed. Again, only if you are female, and have higher Influence with Atton than the Disciple.> {[Gameplay Programmer: Player walks down the path, sees Atton's crumpled body. Player kneels, Atton's choked voice, dying. Atton's words slur a bit in places because of the pain, and his voice should get weaker all the way until the end.]} Atton: You're... alive. Did... I... save you yet?Your eyes... {sees player's horrified expression}that bad, eh? {Turns away, quiet}Always was ugly.... now the outside matches. Was waiting for this, but...S' not fair... let you down... Player: 1. Atton, hold on, I can still help you. 2. Shhh... you've lost a lot of blood. 3. Yes. Be still. 4. Malachor touched all of us. We all died there, and the echo kept traveling. It just took a while to reach us. Atton: {winces, in pain}was s'posed to save you. S' tired of living anyway... too many deaths... {winces, a little quieter}never told you... lied to you...{Dry chuckle} Player: 1. I think we all saved each other.... Visas, the Handmaiden, Kreia. And you, Atton. 2. I think we were all supposed to save each other.... Visas, the Handmaiden, Kreia. And you, Atton. 3. You did, Atton. You fought bravely, and I could not ask for a greater sacrifice. Atton: {Laugh dies, Pained, humiliated, doesn't want the player to see him dying}I don't want you to see me like this. I don't want to die in front of you. Can't bear it. Loved you from the moment I first saw you, thought you were a dream......meant every word... tried to play it off as a joke... wasn't funny... Player: 1. All that was your past is forgiven, Atton. Be still. 2. You never needed to tell me, Atton. I knew. 3. If you're trying to get rid of me, it's not working. 4. There is no death, Atton. There is only the Force. 5. No. I will stay with you until the end comes. Atton: {Dry chuckle}Hurts when I laugh. Hurts...You... saved me... joke's on me...{Dry chuckle, winces}Hurts when I laugh. Hurts...{[Gameplay Programmer: Atton doesn't turn as he says the above sentence.]} {[slow fade of the sound below as the camera pulls back. Adam, this animation request has been fired off to the animators.]} Atton, warped to the darkside, attacks Disciple: <This scene should be shown if the Exile is female, and has more Influence with Disciple than Atton. It takes place right as you enter the second area of the Academy, the Proving Grounds.> {[Disciple walks into the room, looking around. As he looks around, Atton steps from behind him, in a creepy, yet casual way.]} Atton: Hey, kid. Disciple: {Initially relieved}Atton... the exile, where is she? Atton: {Shrugs, but evil}She's safe, you don't need to worry about her. You never did, really. You know how long it's been since I killed a Jedi? You get a taste for it, you know. I killed a bunch here on Malachor, while the planet was dying. <ed. note-this doesn't make much sense-right up until after Malachor, Revan was still a Jedi, albeit a rogue Jedi, and Atton would have been serving with the Republic still-so why would he be killing Jedi?> Atton: Killing a half-Jedi like you should hold me over until the next one comes along. They always do, you know. Disciple: {Firm}Atton, Kreia is using y- {"using you"} Atton: Really? I had no idea. Everyone uses each other, kid. And if she's using me to kill you, as I see it, I really don't lose anything.I already lost what mattered to me. I wanted to protect her, to help her, and then you show up, playing hero. Fine. Disciple: {Firm}Atton, the feelings between the exile and I... Atton: Doesn't matter, not anymore. I had forgotten how much I hate Jedi. And the less of you that are in the galaxy, the better.Ready to die, kid? Disciple: {Firm}I won't fight you, Atton. Atton:I don't care - I just want you to die.{[Atton draws his weapon at the end.]}{[starts advancing toward Disciple]} Disciple: {[Gets into ready stance.]} Visas fighting Handmaidens: <Play this scene if the Exile is male, and has more Influence with Visas than with the Handmaiden. I cut some of it because it didn't really have anything to do with Visas fighting the Handmaiden. This scene takes place at about the time you first enter the second are of the Academy, the Proving Grounds.> <Alternatively, this might just be a scene for Handmaidens vs. Visas, not THE Handmaiden vs. Visas. Not sure if this is the case, I'm going to assume it's THE Handmaiden vs. Visas. If it's just generic Handmaidens, this scene might take place right after or before the Mira vs. Hanharr scene.> {[Gameplay Programmer: Have a scene where Visas is walking amongst the corridors of the Academy.]}{She stops, waits for a moment, draws her blade, as the corrupted Handmaidens step from the shadows, like Darth Vader when Luke is going down beneath Bespin. She'll draw her blade.} Handmaiden: A Sith stalking amongst the Sith. Your kind fear each other, betrayers and murderers, all. Visas: Sister of the Echani, you must listen to me. Kreia is using your feeling ag... Handmaiden: Be silent. I have listened to you corrupt others... the exile... with your words. I have seen you erode his will, bit by bit, over our journey until he echoes your corruption. {Trying to be challenging, but pained} And because of you, I have lost one for whom I cared deeply. Visas: You must listen to me. Handmaiden: No. There will be no more words between us{[The two draw weapons as the screen fades to black.]} Handmaiden/Visas: <This set of scenes should be shown if the Exile is male, and the character speaking is whoever the character has more Influence with.> <Alternatively, the Handmaiden might be present if you are light side, Visas if you are dark side.> <Either way, it should take place right after you fight Kreia.> Handmaiden/Visas: You are leaving? I... I would come with you, if you will allow it. Player?: No, I require you to stay here, at the Trayus Core, and train others, as Kreia trained me. You... cannot come with me. I need someone to stay here at the edge of known space, and show others the way. I need someone to show them the way. As Kreia showed me the way. Handmaiden/Visas: Others? What do you mean? Player?: Kreia spoke of Revan, and another war that waits beyond the Outer Rim. You must gather forces here, and wait. Yes, others will come. And you must train them until they are ready to pass on to the next war. Handmaiden/Visas: Others?I... shall do as you ask. I shall train others who will follow.{Quietly, knows the answer is never} When will you return? I will do as you ask. If it is important to you, I shall see it through. Your journey... will you return? Player?: Where I go, I cannot take anyone I care for. You must remain, for others will come. {[Gameplay Programmer: Player walks off, in silence, and keeps walking toward the Trayus Core, and is gone. The Handmaiden (or Visas) watches the player for a time, without saying anything.]} <Note that the above scene could take place if you are female, but only if the scene below doesn't take place.> {[As the player walks off the Core, Atton is leaning against a pillar, off to the side.]} <This scene should take place if the PC is female, and assumes that Atton didn't fight either Sion or the Disciple. Think of it as an alternative to Sion killing him, if you're getting all teary eyed over that possibility. If it does take place, it occurs instead of the Handmaiden/Visas dialogue above, and right after you fight Kreia.> Atton: {Trying to be casual, but wants to go with the player}Need any company? {Beat, casual}I mean, I'm not doing anything. Besides, if I'm not around to bail you out of trouble, who knows what could happen. <player says something at this point, something the lines of "sure you can come"> Atton: All right, then. {Beat}Where are we going again? I mean, because last time, we were heading toward this mining colony on the edge of space, and there was this Sith Lord, and... <Cut to credits, scene of Ebon Hawk taking off, whatever.>
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