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  1. I just played through the final installment of Bioshock Infinite (without incident). What's funny though is in the back of my mind the whole time I was thinking I sure hope I don't do something out of order and crash the game. I never had a concern like that prior to South Park, now it's probably something I'll think about every time I play a new game. You guys made a broken game a ripped off countless amounts of people. Have to work on it on your own time? If I was involved and knew how many people I screwed over my morality would keep me up at night until I had it fixed. The way this has been handled is absolutely shocking to me.
  2. Ok, more days have elapsed and not any further information from the developers. Not even so much as a even brief explanation of what is being done to address the problem. Obviously there is almost no sense of urgency to repair this game as the developers don't even have time to give us where they are at in the repair process. I hope you guys made a lot of money. You'll never get any more of mine.
  3. Same problem and I do believe I talked to the Mounties before the Earl. Downloaded through Playstation store and updated before playing. Very disappointed to have paid full major title release price for a completely broken game. I was frustrated at the Fallout series buggyiess but this definitely beats that. It's one thing to read multiple bad reviews for a game and still chance it to find out for yourself it sucks. This is like paying to go see a movie, having the projector break midway through and getting booted out by the management. This is not fair to people who paid $59.99 for a functional game. You guys have my money, where is my product?
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