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  1. Disgraceful behaviour from a business who really should be on top of things.
  2. Guess starting a new game is the only option. Could have done with a disclaimer... nevermind then.
  3. Also guys if you cannot fix this issue please let us know so we can sell the game and get our money back. Infact I wonder what the store I bought the game from will say if I attempt to return it.
  4. Several people have mentioned that they have passed the point where reloading an old save will solve the error so you must take this into consideration.
  5. I think you should be taking this much more seriously devs. The ideas above seem like they would work however rhe last post says that even after defeating the bears he has issues with that dire robes guy so im worried whatever u do will still leave us in limbo. I love south park. I love your game. This is unacceptable unprofessional behaviour to release what seems to be a game not tested 100% correctly. Please hurry and resolve this before my disc becomes a very nice trade in or I sell it.
  6. Nevermind. Tried what u said but he is still telling me of his intent to make some dire robes.
  7. Dinsdale I hope ur right. I havent even started the jimbo hunting yet so im gonna give that a go now.
  8. Yeah so im having this exact same issue. Ps3 disc version. Checkpoints too far after encountering bug so unless there is a patch soon ill have to start a new game. Not too happy about this.
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