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  1. I'm not sure whether it is intentional or not, but after I have unlocked all summons, completed the main story and now doing side quests I noticed I didn't have my summons anymore and I had to walk up to Mr slave, jesus, Tuong Lu Kim and Mr. Hankey and speak to them again and I get an achievement that says "Summon unlocked!" just like after completing the original quests to unlock them the first time. I don't get it. Are you meant to go back to each person daily, just to be able to summon them again or is this a bug? It's pretty annoying.
  2. I wouldn't call 140mb a small patch. Patch notes usually include notes of what the patch actually contain... Not something so vague... I'd like to know what was actually in it heh.
  3. Hey guys I was just wondering if we are going to get to see the patch notes for the most recent patch or not. As I'm from one of the censored countries I'm pretty concerned it'll just be a patch cencoring more out for me. ha! When I first purchased and started playing through the game everything was normal with the nazi zombies, after a small patch overnight a couple days ago zombies no longer have sound. I've heard that this was a cencor up date. So I do wonder, what was in today's 139.9mb update? Please fill us in! Thanks.
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