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  1. As Kyle would say "But you know... I learned something today..." *cue episode ending monologue music* Bad stuff happens to everyone folks. Welcome to the real world. I highly doubt that Obsidian is sitting around praying for you to lose your save or run into a game breaking bug. I, for one, am grateful that if something is released with an issue, we can just get a download that fixes it, for free, in seconds. Things haven't always been like that. They definitely screwed up, but thats life. Just learn your lesson and move on to one of the millions of other gaming options because you're lucky to live in a time where there are so many video games that you will never play them all. Everyone makes a bad investment here and there, sorry that you did. This game is broken. Well, technically you could just start over and try it again (there are actually games out there that require you to start over when you screw up. *GASP*) So go play something else until it's fixed, instead of making idle threats on a meaningless forum. A couple of years down the line, they're gonna put out another game that rules just like this one does, it really does. By then you'll have forgotten all about this. And even if that one is released with a problem, guess what? You can just go play something else instead! So, be thankful that you invested $60 on a video game, that you can still play at any time, that was also pretty cool, albeit slightly broken. $60 can also buy you a syphilitic hooker, or an ACTUAL plane ticket to Canada (you dodged a bullet there!), or a Justin Beiber concert ticket. All I can say is congrats! If you didn't also spend your money on these things as well, you're still doin' fine! Oh and Developers, please PM me when you guys get the patch out, since you've probably been scared off by all the J Beib fans.
  2. I can only speak for myself, but just the fact that you are taking the time to let us know you're working on is extremely appreciated. Thank you for being attentive to your customers. Im sure it will be fixed in no time, all we need is a montage:
  3. Experiencing the same issue. PS3 download, 1.01 update before firing up the game. Can't help but think that this quest is nearing the end of the game so it's slowly eating away at my soul, not being able to finish. Please help. Please.
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