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  1. WASD - Move

    Space - Interact with something.

    E - Change currently selected magic fart.

    Q - Change currently selected "ability" (shoot, buddy command, etc..).

    G - Use magic fart. 

    F - Use aforementioned ability.

    Esc  - Open the menu.

    V - Brings up the HUD. (Might do something else.)


    O - Open Facebook.

    I - Open inventory.

    J - Open the quests screen.

    N - Open the abilities/perks/magic screen.

    M - Open the map.

    P - Open the buddy selection screen.


    Left Click - Melee attack.

    Right Click - Basic fart.


    I'd recommend playing the game. The beginning part of it tells you how to do everything, and there's even little popup tips to support that.

  2. Yea! What you do is you load up your current game and make a manual save. You can do this by opening the menu, and selecting "Save Game". Then, you just have to start a new game. Your checkpoint saves will be overwritten, but the manual save you made will still be there. The save files are located here: 'C:\Users\you\Documents\My Games\South Park - The Stick of Truth\save'.

  3. Hi! I don't have any bugs, but I do have a small change request that I think would be great to have in the next patch. I noticed that Pajamas are a level 1 item, but you don't get them until the first night. I think they should be available to be unlocked when you start the game, perhaps by interacting with the bed. This would greatly facilitate playing the game wearing only pajamas, and no armor whatsoever. It's more challenging that way.


    My second request/suggestion would be to make it so if you take your gloves off, you go bare foot. I noticed that different gloves change your shoes, so why not have no gloves equate to no shoes? 


    The first attached image shows me successfully completing the game wearing only Pajamas. I wasn't able to be barefoot though, because of the forced armor

    after being promoted to King Douchebag

    . The second image demonstrates the no gloves equals no shoes idea.





  4. Very informative article; I enjoyed reading it. I'm very curious now as to how much the game changed after Ubisoft took over. I guess we'll never know, but what I do hope is that cut content some how makes it way back in the form of DLC. Perhaps not "here's what we cut out"-DLC, but more of "here's this DLC with some of the cut out stuff added on top".

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