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  1. I have the same problem, I just can pass this connecting my xbox360 controller. The keyboard port is poor and have a lot of problems, including translates, for example, when in the battle, it says that you need to press W to fart, but the correct if F.
  2. I have the same issue, but for me, restarting the game resolved the problem.
  3. Hi everyone, Just reporting an error: Sometimes, when I click in "Save Game" and confirm to overwrite, the game shows me up a message saying that the disk is busy, or something like this. When this happens, I can click "OK" to dismiss the message and the game got back to pause menu. But, is is freezed, I cannot click or press any key. I have a slow hardDisk and I think this happens when I do the commands so fast (open the save game menu -> double click in save game and confirm the overwrite the previous game) Maybe the program is trying to save the game in the same moment that is reading the save thumbnail, well, I dont know. Thanks! William Borgo - Playing the game in "Brazillian Portuguese" language.
  4. Hi everyone, I just want to report a bug. When I try to buy the "Monk Glove" from the "Elvenwares" in the Elves camp the game crashes. It crashes more exactly when I just click in the Item, the description not even shows, and the problem just occur when I'm playing with Portuguese-Brazil language. So, I think some character on the translated description is causing the crash. The image is atached (in english language, just to show the exactly location). Thanks in advance, William Borgo
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