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  1. less **** measuring, more patching. chop chop.
  2. well this is going to be a while, given their new prototype binary paper airplane patch delivery system. I think PSN and XBLA have to make a few adjustments as well to accommodate. probably some kind of peripheral we may have to buy. of course costing at least 59.99 and not working for the first month of ownership.
  3. so we can expect the console version of the patch at least in the next 4-6 weeks right? they must be sending it to PSN via printed out TXT files sent by mail using USPS. or better yet, writing each 1 and 0 on a sheet of paper, then folding it up into a paper airplane woosh, come on, make it! aww, it fell. gotta resend the whole patch!
  4. so tell me, would talking to some random person on tech support magically patch my game? this isnt a "i dont know how to install a game on my PC/have the wrong drivers issue" this is a console issue predominantly. So not to be rude but that information does not help in any way what so ever, if anything it seems like a "your problem now" torch pass so ubisoft can help take some of the heat. This is obsidian's problem, let them figure their own **** out. I dont give 2 ****s anymore as Its already probably the next guys problem that bought my used game from GS, but the point still remains valid that all people wanna see at this point is results. nothing else.
  5. yep, done. sold. I have friends that work for ubisoft "assassins creed" and ive been informed and assured it doesnt take NEARLY this long to run a patch by all the PSN/XBLA rules, procedures and regulations. even patching multiple things, maybe you should have tested the game first? maybe you shouldnt have SO MANY different issues to patch? rookie mistake from a veteran company. good day obsidian, i will spend my hard earned money else ware "and the money i got back for your game, that btw upon second sale you make no profit from"
  6. you already got my cash, so why bother right? jokes on me I guess, laugh your way to the bank Obsidian. The mob will be waiting.
  7. ok, devs have to work on patches for games on their own time? was this just said to make us feel bad for you? or are game dev companies really that greedy that they dont LET their employees proactively support already released "unfinished" products? I dont know whats more ****ed up, the fact it has been 3 weeks or the fact your not even allowed to work on it. sorry your just gears in the machine that is obsidian developers, but obsidian will not be getting any more money from me with that knowledge. thanks for the insight on ****ty business ethics. glad to know they support their own products over producing new broken **** to not support in the future.
  8. petition. get money back, or compensated. this is just retarded at this point. judging by how high the % is of players effected, and the fact its not console specific..... leads me to believe without the shadow of a doubt that this game was ether not tested AT ALL, tested ONLY on PC, or was run through one time and they just so happen to be the lucky 10% to not see the glitch. if i had to guess i would say it was tested on PC, as even the control scheme SCREAMS "meant for a PC" paid 60 bucks for a product. you didnt deliver said product. give me my damn money back or some cool free ****. Im sure the entire SOT fanbase probably has my back on that.
  9. having the same issue. PSN downloaded version, updated upon first launch. I talked to the guy, went over and killed the bears, picked up the pelts, now every time i talk to the guy again he just says something stupid about "if i had dire bear pelts blah blah ****ing blah" and every one of my saves are past that point now. ETA on a fix? game breaking bugs are in a whole other catagory to normal glitches, in other words ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE post launch of the game.
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