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  1. I'm having a bug in the abortion clinic... I'm stuck there and there is no way to go further. Are there more ppl having that problem? See the youtube video to understand the bug: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OW4iXJPZe7E&feature=youtu.be Could the tech support plz help me? or at least give me a save file that could let me play still... thank you
  2. Hey all, I'm running sot on PC and I'm facing a bug I was wondering if any1 else had that same bug... I'm at the part where you have to pose as a girl to go in the abortion clinic. Once you get to perform the abortion on Randy, I pass the first 3 steps no problem but, once I'm trying to suck it out of him and I have to stop not to suck his balls (man that sounds strange), the game just lags and I can't control anything. So I just can't pass it because I can't control anything... And It just makes it impossible for me to pass this stage of the game... Any1 else had this problem? Is there some solution to this? (could at least some1 give me a saved game pass this point so I can load the game from it?
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