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  1. Any update on when this is going to be patched? I hate buying a $60 Xbox game and not being able to play it! With my luck, by the time it is patched the game will cost $30.
  2. As long as you make a save (not an autosave) you should be fine.
  3. I think the Nercomancer outfit is decent too. But really, they most of the sets are pretty lame. I didn't pre-order my game, but I got the set inside my case. I guess I was lucky. I wish you could change the models of some of the armor sets, then the pre-order items would be cooler since we could change some other set to look like the cool Necromancer or Assassin set.
  4. There is a thread on this in the Technical Issues area, and they say a patch is coming...but we aren't sure when. Like you, I am on the Xbox 360 and stuck. It seems flat-out impossible (was it tested?), I am wondering if it has to do with my playing on a first generation 360, but who knows...
  5. Maybe I suck or something, but I absolutely and positively cannot beat this. I don't even get close and I am tapping insanely. Getting stuck on something as stupid as this really ruins the game. I tried to turn down the difficulty, but it doesn't make this any easier. If anyone has any hints let me know. I can't believe that other people can beat this. I am an avid gamer, but this just seems to be insanely hard.
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