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  1. I'm also having this issue too (a lot of people are really) but I don't want to download the cheat engine due to the fact that I like to beat most of the games that I own without cheating. I would download the cheat engine because it's hard but this is an issue that should (at least I hope so) be fixed soon because it is near impossible, I mean I nearly get to the top but I run out of time and I tried 2 finger, and not lifting my finger to high but it doesn't work, it just doesn't. I also tried having some other people do it an still nothing (All of these people are good at qte's btw so it's not like they suck).
  2. I'm having some serious issues with the qte's on the alien probing part of the game. When the aliens use the black probing device the qte is just impossible, I tried and tried and tried and nothing. I got close at times but there was either never enough time or the bar went down too fast. It's not just me who's having issues with this, I had some other people try this and none of them were able to do it, and these people were actually really good at qte's. I also looked on steam to see if anyone was having problems there and I did have to look a bit but I saw some other people having issue with these parts too not just the probing section but the abortion minigame too. I know that you could hook up a controller or something but I don't have one nor to I plan to buy one just so I can beat a part of this game that shouldn't be near impossible in the first place. So please could you either make it easier like it is on the consoles or at least do something to fix this issue because I didn't pay 60 dollars to play a game that I can't even beat.
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