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  1. No sale, Ms. tweeter. I have no respect for 'gamers' who don't bother doing research. One of Obsidian's primary sales pitches for the PE kickstarter was that since there's no publisher, there'd be no content shackles. They promised us, over and over again, during the game's development, that the game *would* explore controversial issues and other taboos that Publisher-controlled games wouldn't normally be able to explore.


    Yet here we are today, barely a week after the game's release, and already Obsidian is being asked, by people who were apparently unaware of the type of game they bought, to address the very content they promised to deliver and did deliver.



    But as they already gave up to censorship why not just go rest of the way. Offending anyone is bad so why not remove anything offending. It's only a little things after all.

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    Guise, did it occur to you that maybe they had it changed because they didn't like it after someone pointed it out to them, regardless of her politics?


    Inconceivable, I know.


    Actually that doesn't seem to have been the case. So, highly unlikely.

    To turn the question around "Gui, did it ever occur to you that they asked the backer for a change because of the outcry? Inconceiveable, I know."


    Obsidian choose what they percieved as being the lesser of two evils. I just hope that they made the right choice, business wise.  



    True, it's their choice and their current PR spin stands, I know what my actions will be. I don't think they did things right and it might come to hurt them in long run.

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    Could someone explain (to a non-native speaker) why the original limerick was considered offensive? If i understood it correctly, not the transgender guy was killed, but the joke is actually on the idiot that couldn't deal with accidentially ****ing a guy and then he killed himself. So the joke isn't anti-transgender imo, more like anti-'straight guys with extremely insecure self-image'.


    People in English native land don't have hardships so they occupt themselves by making them up.



    That is usually white people with money, which is greatest privileged in the world... But they don't think it as such. And then there is some who live off this kind of attention...

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    Obsidian is one of the few companies left still willing to make old school RPGs, both 'SJW' and anti-SJW sides are now detracting from this goal. I hope you all realize what you're doing. EA is probably laughing their asses off. Good job.

    No. This would be a complete non-issue if the bigots hadn't thrown a fit.

    Go read the replies to the other thread. Someone actually vowed to undermine everything Obsidian ever does. The reaction is completely, hilariously, out of proportion.



    Money, marketing and PR is only thing they understand. Boycott and speech is only tools consumer has, as such advocacy is best thing a consumer can do when they come across immoral practises. Recent months have show just how deep problems the industry has, something must be done for better tomorrow. And few bad apples dying of is small price to pay.

  5. Nice move, Obsidian. Now my SJW-y acquaintances hate you for letting him play victim in the new epitaph, while the whiners who always cry "censorship" when someone bursts their comfortable little bubble of privilege hate you for changing the original.


    Personally, I think this whole thing could've been avoided with tighter control over backer material. Maybe then my eyes wouldn't bleed when reading the backer NPC stories either!



    Seriously though, I don't get those who have sworn off Obsidian games forever because of this thing. What are you gonna play now? Bioware games? Elder Scrolls? It's not like Obsidian has, like, any competitors at what they do.


    Over thousand games in backlog and growing... I'm not running out of games any time soon. And then there is always classics too to be replayed...

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  6. The chasm between Japanese devs and western ones widens every day. Hideki Kamiya would've laughed and blocked this hate-mongering tranny lunatic right away. When SJW went after Hideo Kojima over Quiet he responded with a frankly chilling remark about how they would be ashamed of themselves by the time MGSV came out and said nothing else on the matter. Why do western devs always capitulate right away whenever a professional victim comes screeching to their door?


    Thankfully I think there is still sensible developers in Europe. At least part of USA scene seems to be lost to corruption and other issues... Then again AAA knows their market and couldn't care less about these people...

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  7. I'm going to editorialize for just a moment. First of all, I don't see every post. If you report something from a member who doesn't need approval, I'm more likely to see it. ...But I think it's important to be charitable with one another. Only report things that rise to a reportable offense. That line will differ between members, but there is a line. The upshot, however, is that I mostly see posts by new (or newly posting) members of the forum. When I've gone through quickly, I've seen that most of the posts are actually pretty respectful even if clearly typed with some heat and passion. Fair enough.


    Remember, after this game is done, we're going to have more games and hopefully a lot more from Obsidian. The person fighting on the 'other side' right now might very well be the person backing your side in the next big fight. Don't let this become an all out war. If you get to where you're seeing red, take a break. Look at other threads. Play the game. Talk to the spouse. Play with the kids. Have a bite to eat (or a beer if you're of age and so inclined). Then, when you're not so heavily invested, come back and rejoin the discussion.


    Anyhow, I was originally surprised at how rancorous people were on this issue, but now I'm surprised that it has really actually remained pretty civil all things considered. Congrats, Obsidz forumites! Good for you!


    There is fight already going on. And the sides are those for freedom of expression and accountability. And those who want to deliver their narrative and benefit their privileged circles. I know which side I support and it seems that Obsidian choose the wrong side.  It's already long fight and it isn't dying down. They could have let the storm weather over, but now they have to endure the consequences of their actions. I don't believe those people who advocate for censorship will ever join in the fight for good things for industry.

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