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  1. Download the trial for Acrobat from Adobe. https://www.acrobat.com/en_us/free-trial-download.html?trackingid=KLBBQ
  2. Yeah, I've noticed that Mouse Cage works, but seems to break at times, but clicking outside then back in fixes it again... At least with fullscreen off.
  3. Ugh, yeah, who thought that would be a good idea. It's like we got a "sample" of the book with a watermark, please buy it to get a clean copy. Horribly obtrusive watermarking. If it HAS to be there, at least move it into a corner and not so far into the page. I'll end up doing the work to remove it in Acrobat, annoying that it's there in the first place.
  4. Well I just got an email with my tracking information, a shipping label was created yesterday, 4:40pm PST. (Note: After my post) So yeah, if it's been said repeatedly I believe it's either been non-Obsidian people saying it (I have yet to see an official post but plenty of "they said" posts). If you doubt what I'm saying: https://tools.usps.com/go/TrackConfirmAction.action?tLabels=9405510200883588934303 Anyway, priority 2 day means I'll likely get it Monday unless it managed to make it to the post office yesterday. Not a huge deal, though your post came off as condescending (likely the fact that this is the internet, and text doesn't provide tone). All that aside , can't wait to get home and start playing.
  5. Just curious if we know when this will change to shipped, or if it will in fact change. I tried searching for a 'when' to expect the collector's edition, and beyond the bit with them shipping it with everything but the discs, I can't find a "when to expect it". Anyway, if anyone knows that'd be great. If not, I'll just have to look forward to it's arrival.
  6. One, more, day.

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