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  1. Ahhh.. so, because we own ATI cards, we're SUPPOSED to fool around with downloading 50 different driver setups, and taking a crash course in "how to make a computer game run on a perfectly capable system running an ATI video card" - 101.. *sigh*
  2. No dice dude.. my lil ole 7500 refuses to run this game. I've tried EVERYTHING suggested at every message board I can find regarding this game and it's done. Guess I've got 4 coasters now.. cause this game's useless as t*ts on a bull as it stands.. EB told me today that I can't return it either, since it's not defective.. I'll bring it to them in pieces tomorrow and tell them to shove "defective" up their collective *sses.
  3. PLEASE work.. I've tried everything except the 4.9's and 4.11s and I've yet to get past the first vid. sequence. I even had a set of 2.xx I think that I found on my computer that actually let me see the graphics of the inside of the ship for a moment before kicking me to the desktop. I'm getting a lil frustrated here, and since I'm at work for another 3 hours, then off to another job for 3 more hours, I won't get the chance to try it until I get home later tonight. IF for some reason this method from the other post works, I'll be happier than a pig in sh*t.! :D
  4. Yea looks like we're having the exact same problem, i got the game because i assumed that as the specs were more or less the same and the first one worked fine that the second would too, doh!! But yea i've "heard" an upgrade to SP2 and 4.12 Cat may help. But i honestly don't know :'( It is frustrating because as you said every other new game released in recent months has worked fine, so a bit of a pain. I hoping i can resolve this without having to buy a new Gcard. I'm at college but i should be home in about 3-4 hrs. I'll try the SP2 and Cat 4.12 a go and give you an update bro.
  5. 5.2's on my system with a Radeon 7500 did not fix my situation of crashing after the first video sequence after pressing "Play"...
  6. I'm having the same problems... I've tried the 5.2 CAT, the Omega Drivers and a couple of others I had on my computer. Because I'm stuck at work, I can't finish what I started last night, which was upgrade to SP2, and try the 4.11 Cat's that I believe were recommended for KoToR when the problems arose in that title. I can get to the video sequence, and I hear the game sounds for about 5 seconds. Sometimes I even get a cursor on the screen then it dumps me. I've changed sounds to Forced Software, Hardware EAX Disabled, EAX, EAX II, I've changed the refresh rates, resolutions and absolutely
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