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  1. its really frustrating, well i'll stop playin now and gonna wait for patch- patches. I guess this is the destiny of most Kickstarter games, sad, so sad.
  2. well after Raedric's hold bug, i started again, i got 30 hours of gameplay. Now the summoned companians bug, they r not controllable and they attack every npc at sight. This bugs r huge, what happened at alpha and beta stages? This game as it is shouldnt be released, premature move. At the picture u can see, i have summoned this two and got no control anymore. and they spawn at every place i go, attack everyone
  3. well i started over, dont want to enable the console. can wait for a patch and then enter the hold
  4. The question is, did the devs really tested this game or not, and why is nobody answering this thread?
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