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  1. Objectively it is possible to compare Poe with BG? Poe gameplay, in my opinion, is completely different from BG. The same can be said of skill, stats, etc. I thought that to be fair, Poe should be judged on its merits.
  2. That's the first time I've heard ANYONE accuse Pillars of Eternity of being simulationist. Are you really sure you've played the game?Are you in love with hyperbole? Do you normally throw out other people's modifier words to twist their sentences into a narrative that allows you to try and attack their credibility?More. More. More. > And it is, factually, more of a simulation of fantasy combat scenarios than IE. As an rpg it is never actually a simulation. That makes no sense...the entire point is to represent complex minutiae with numbers. I'm really concerned that you still don't grasp abstraction layer yet. Please open your mind to new ideas, stop living in the past. It's almost frightening how neurotic your social interaction style is. Do you want to voice chat me? Do you need an irl friend to calm you down? Did you get bit by too many spiders as a kid? I can't fathom why you take something so innocuous, non confrontational, and factual and attempt to construct a conflict out of it. I'm really worried about you. What the difference between sensuki's "attempt to construct a conflict" and your passive-aggressive escaltion of the those conflicts? Your telling him to chill out and then giving him reason to react that way at the same time.Did I create the thread in all caps? I am definitely not escalating, I'm diverting. I want him to be a better human being and argue in good faith. I don't actually care at all about the design outcomes of the game;I gave obsidian money because I trusted the product they would create. Reason to react what way? He chose a comment I made to another person, and intentionally misappropriated what i said to construct a false narrative. That's deceptive, period. I am certainly confrontational but I am not misleading in what I take issue with. And considering how many people have repeatedly pointed out his predatory argument framing to no avail, you are just enabling him by claiming he has an ' excuse '. There is no excuse. Sadly these aren't the EJ forums or this wouldn't even be necessary. Its saying things like "I want him to be a better human being" that escaltes it because it comes off as "I need to teach this lowly peon how to act" whether that's your intention or not. Considering the whole "sensuki is rude and hostile" feels like an attempt to discredit or invalidate his points on the topic or at the very least distract people from the point of his post. So if your going for the whole good Samaritan thing its not being percieved. In my opinion he already invalidated his points for having used caps in the title of the post, "Slowed RECOVERY WHILE MOVING - NO THANKS" certainly is not a title that invites discussion.
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