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  1. Wow I at first tried to wave those complains away but today I saw it as well. Pallegina went her own way and joined the Kind Wayfarers acording to my PoE 1-ending. Now I met her in Deadfire and she even tells me that the ducs scratched her 5 suns from her breastplate and threw her out of the order. Yet in deadfire she is still loyal to the trading company and a member of her "old" order in her char-tab. WTF? Did that just completly retcon my PoE1 ending? That is actually kind of sad. I mean I understand the reason why the devs made her in Deadfire like that (at least story-wise). But then they should be honest and not let our PoE 1 saves being imported. That kills the joy of being proud you did it YOUR way in the former game, then they spit on your decisions and do it the way they need it not how it went according to their own PoE-endings.
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