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  1. Could a def maybe post a console command to get the quest back on track until this is fixed? Pretty please? I'm about to finish the game, have done everything and enjoyed the game so much...and not beeing able to finsih the quest ist so annoying and sad
  2. @Amentep: Yes I have her in my party and a reputation of 1+ with her. I even went back and talked to everyone that is listed in the questlog (found a complet one online), but nothing changed. Maybe the reason for this is because I found the last peace of evidence first (the dead godlike), and didn't went to the hole tavern first? But in princible this should not matter. I even tried the trick with "cheating" the NPC to my location at the exact spot. But I can't progress even then and can only go away.
  3. I don't know why they would remove Agentiles first post. I have the same problem. And it says in my journal to find Tatzatl in Dunnage, but no npc to talk to. I really don't want to cheat. Could a developer comment on this, and say if they know of the bug or if everyone is doing something wrong?
  4. As a multiclass I made a ranger/paladin (wayfarer) who uses guns. I had dex really low, because i thought using rushed reload with high accuracy would be ok. Edit: Having learned more about the game, dumping dex would be a pretty terrible idea. I guess a character with high int, perception and resolve is not so great like in Poe 1. :/
  5. @BrokenMask well that is good for you, but I find it strange. Thank you @Heijoushin for your answer! I think my main problem is/was the odd combinations. Like with a system like D&D you know: Okay charisma is for talking and maybe useful to cast spells for a warlock. But in this game it is all mixed up. Might for more DPS even for a wizard? Okay So my week bookworm wizards who studies books night and day in order to do be a destructiv pyromancer is also working out like a fighter because that effects his spells too. A need sideeffect: Like a fighter he can punch through walls because he is strong as hell....yeah right makes total sense.
  6. Hi! I wan't to play the game but I really do not understand what attribute is good for what. I get it that Obsidian want's to do something unique but this seems randome. I wanted to build a cipher with guns who is good in persuasion. So I would have to skill might (for damage), int (for my spells) and resolve (for talking). But I guess I would need dex too? Or maybe perception to see if someone is lying to me? Or can an other party member fill in for me on that? For conversations checks for example... say you need high perception, int and resolve to get the peacefull answer. Do my main character has to have all the attributes for the check or my team together? And I have read on the forum that resolve (which should translate to charisma in other games right?) is important for defense? How is that working? I'm really lost and I think obsidian did a really poor job explaining their system.
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