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  1. This. Nothing will EVER be enough for these people. Giving in to them is validating them. Expect more of this and more and more until devs stop listening to them. How many people called this exact same thing? It's NEVER enough for them.
  2. I'm a backer as well, making my first post here. I am also a bisexual male with a transgendered girlfriend. PLEASE do NOT censor this game because a horrible misandrist known for tweeting #killallmen starts a twitter campaign against you. Don't buckle to this bullying Obsidian! I am utterly sick of people looking to be offended and gleefully trying to destroy everything that even remotely doesn't fit in with their world view. I'm MORE sick of developers and reviewers bending over for these sociopaths. The VAST majority of these 'offended' people are not your backers and they are not your customers. they are bandwagon jumpers looking to be outraged. Take ten minutes to browse your forums and you'll see that the most of your fans do not want you to cater to these people. The game is brilliant and fine just the way it is!
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