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  1. Can't say I'm totally impressed with this. The entire update could have been replaced with simply "We're copying WoW". Why not try to come up with something original? Or at the very least stick closer to the D&D style this game is supposed to be a call-back to. Rogues were never meant to be amazing fighters who do more than actual fighters, they were deliberately weak in a fight because the game wasn't all about fighting and they had other things to do instead. And as already mentioned by others, the whole point of ranger pets is that they do exactly what a party is supposed to do, so having them in a party-based single player game is just pointless. Even ignoring that, rangers again were supposed to have skills applicable outside of just fighting, not just be "pet to tank while I use a bow". While I wouldn't expect this game to be identical to the games of old, I at least hoped it wouldn't be identical to every other game currently on the market.
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